Chrissy & Mr. Jones Premiers September 24, 2012 [Promo Video]
Chrissy Lampkin Jim Jones Urban Videos
September 5, 2012

This is the Love & Hip Hop New York spin off reality series, Chrissy & Mr. Jones which airs on Sept. 24, 2012 at 9:30PM (EST).  This show picks up where it left off, with Chrissy and Jim Jones being engaged working towards marriage.  You’ll have to watch to know if they actually get married.  Mama Jones and Evelyn make cameos on this new series.  Make sure you tune in on 9/24/2012.

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Chrissy Says Yandy Traded Her Manager Hat In For Reality TV
Chrissy Lampkin Featured Urban Videos Yandy Smith
February 5, 2012

Jim Jones girlfriend and Love & Hip Hop star, Chrissy is upset that Jones manager Yandy had extended scenes in the LHH episodes of season 2.  Chrissy feels Yandy main role as a manager should have been to push her client Jim Jones and boost his careers instead of worrying about her own airtime and career objectives.

Chrissy exact words.  “She traded her managerial hat in for reality tv.”

Honestly, I think you’ll find many other managers who would do the exact same!  Reality TV money can get serious, ask those Jersey Shore kids.

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Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones Fiancee) Gets Around And Hooked Up With Jay-Z
Chrissy Lampkin Featured Rap News
January 3, 2012

This is all alleged information, but something which could be very well true, as it’s nothing so bad that it wouldn’t make a man desire to be with her, but it surely doesn’t seem like wifey material and the homie Jim Jones proposed to her on last night episode of Love & Hip Hop.

The rumor says, Chrissy Lampkin used to “date” Jay-Z when he was 23.  Jim Jones and Jigga have known history of beef, so I wonder if this ever played a part in that.  Here’s an excerpt from Diary Of A Hollywood Street King,

Chrissy and her crew were involved in different crimes like credit card schemes, shoplifters, mules from NYC to D.C. They were setting up dudes to get robbed. Chrissy has dated dope boys like the infamous drug kingpin Alpo Martinez and his partner Rich Porter also three New York Knick players. She even slept with Jay Z when he was 23 years old.

“Dated” is being used loosely.  That’s some trifling stuff, but let’s not condemn her just yet!  These are only rumors at this time and we don’t know if there’s any truth to this story.  If the rumors are true then all I can say is “Jimmy run like hell!  This golddigger is just looking for half of your $10K per show, just like she already want 50% into your company.”

The latest rumor claims that Chrissy ex-boyfriend knocked her front teeth out when she stole $32K from him.  Reportedly, Chrissy drug dealing ex cheated on her with a video hoe so she concocted a scheme to steal $32K from dude.  Once she stole the money she fled to Miami and went on a shopping spree.  Dude and his goons tracked her down and he knocked out her fronts.

That girl is outta control.  I could see her hustler mentality and spirit from the show, but damn baby!  Slow it down.  I ain’t gonna call her a gold digger but it don’t look like Chrissy fux  wit’ any broke n*ggas.  I hope its not true, but if it is let’s hope she gets it together!

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