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Loaded Lux Burning Bridges [Meek Mill & Busta Rhymes Diss Snippet]

Loaded Lux gets at the homies Busta Rhymes and Meek Mill on his newest track titled, Burning Bridges.  On the track you hear Lux calling Busta out.  He also disses Meek, but this snippet doesn’t let us hear it.  The full track is coming soon!

Wiz Khalifa Is Pissed Off With Tyga For Dropping Out Of “Under The Influence Of Music” Tour

There’s beef brewing between Wiz Khalifa and Young Money’s artist Tyga, because he supposedly shaded Wiz, by dropping out of the Under The Influence Of Music tour at the last minute.  Wiz says he didn’t even have the courage to call him up and tell it himself, instead Tyga had people from his team, tell Wiz.

Wiz sits down with Power 99 in Philly and tells them how wack it was for Tyga to drop out like that, citing that he has a movie to film and album to make.  Wiz thought it was a wack and corny excuse, because he even has the same tasks, but that’s not stopping him from going on tour.

Although he’s pissed, Wiz makes it clear that there’s no love lost and he’s still cool with Tyga.

Lauryn Hill Gives A Fan An Earful And Kicks Him Out Of Her Concert

A disrespectful fan, felt the wrath of Lauryn Hill.  TMZ reports in a concert at The House Of Blues in Chicago, Lauryn Hill was heckled and flipped off by a fan, after being 50 minutes late for her performance.  An obviously, frustrated Ms. Hill asked security to remove the heckler and escort him out the building, while returning his money.

Over the mic, Lauryn says to the heckling gentleman,

“You can go, and you can take all your money right back.  When I get up on this stage, don’t be disrespectful. You could go … if a little patience is too much. It’s alright, you could go. I would prefer that. You not ‘gon mess up my vibe for the rest of these people. You not ‘gon do that.”

She continues with getting the attention of the venue’s security,

“Excuse me, there’s a gentleman over there who just did something I don’t like, can you please escort him out and refund his money.  I don’t play that. I don’t need to win you over. You don’t need to win me over. And you could take all your money right back.”

“I do this because I love it, not because I owe you anything. You can get on your blogs and you can tweet and say whatever you want to, I don’t give a rat’s ass. I do this because I love it,”

It’s ironic, Lauryn is riffing to the fan about respect, but she’s the one almost an hour late for her own concert.  She is known for her serial tardiness.  However, the heckler should have never took it to that level of disrespect.  What do you think?  Do you side with Lauryn or the heckler?

NEW VIDEO: S.e.Vear “96 Jay-Z Flow”

The homie S.e.Vear drops a new video for his new track 96 Jay-Z Flow.  He takes it to the next level on this joint and drop bars that can’t be matched.  He roll dice with the homies, collects money and take a ride.  Press play to watch the video and listen to the track bar for bar!

50 Cent Reveals Who He Would F*ck, Marry & Kill Between Rihanna, Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea

50 Cent sits down with Power 106 and when asked who he would f*ck, marry and kill between the choices of RihannaNicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea he gives a surprising answer.  Fif actually puts some thought into it and makes a final decision.

NEW MUSIC: Troy Ave Feat. P. Diddy, Ma$e, & T.I. “Your Style” (Remix)

Your Style - Troy Ave. Featuring T.I., P. Diddy and Murda Mase

The Crown Heights MC, Troy Ave, got that old school Bad Boy sound on this track, Your Style, so P. Diddy and Ma$e had no choice, but to jump on the remix.  They bring T.I. along for the ride.


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Angie Martinez Jumps Ship At Hot 97 And Jumps On Power 105.1 Bandwagon

Angie Martinez Works With Power 105.1

Yesterday, Angie Martinez announced her departure from her long standing at Hot 97, but obviously she sees the sinking ship over at Hot 97 and made the decision to join its biggest rival, Power 105.1.

Many thought Angie was giving up radio and moving on to new ventures, but surprisingly Clear Channel has made the announcement that Angie will be a part of the afternoon show at Power 105.1 and will be simulcasted in Miami at the sister station, The Beat 103.5.

For many years, Hot 97 has been struggling to get New York listeners tuned in and have miserably failed.  It’s apparent they don’t have New Yorkers ears anymore and Angie being the forward thinker she is made the brave decision to turn her back on the company who propelled her career and partner with the competition.

I’m sure this is shaking things up at Hot 97 and other’s may be thinking the same as Angie, but if you know anything about corporate, then I’m sure they’ll make employees sign a non-compete agreement soon, barring any of their current staff from jumping ship and signing on with a local radio station for at least one year after they quit Hot 97.

Angie will be on air at Power 105.1 from 2-6p.  Congrats to her for stepping out on faith.  She’ll be good no matter what.  It hasn’t been announced when she begins her new role at Power 105.1, but I’m sure she’ll need some time to demagnetize and disassociate herself from the Hot 97 brand.

Angie Martinez Resigns From Hot 97 After 25 Years Of Service

Radio host Angie Martinez ends her Hot 97 career at the age of 43 to start a new chapter in her life.  She started at Hot 97 at the age of 18, running around as a youngin’ on the street team.  It gets emotional at the radio station as people say their farewell’s to the legend.

Angie hasn’t announced what’s next for her, but reminds everyone she will be doing big things once again.  The radio hasn’t announced who will take her place or what they will do during the hours of the Angie Martinez Show, but sure they’ll figure it out!

Peace to the legend!  Angie had some of the best interviews and best relationships with some of the artists.  She was one of the few who could get Jay-Z to open up about his personal life.  She’s interviewed, Biggie and Pac.  She’s got down to the real of some of the biggest rap beefs.

New York won’t feel the same without her voice on the airwaves.  Salute Angie!  Wish you nothing, but the best!  Good luck on all your future endeavors.

Slowbucks Talks Snitching, 50 Cent Civil Lawsuit, Chain Snatch, Money & More

The Breakfast Club catches up with Slow from the Slowbucks clothing brand to talk about getting jumped on the Summer Jam stage and getting his chain snatched.  He also speaks about the snitching rumors and opening a civil lawsuit and investigation on 50 Cent and his crew.  He also chat about getting money and how well the Slowbucks brand is doing.

NEW VIDEO: Dame Dash Feat. Sen City “Flip”

Dame Dash is back on his Harlem ish.  He talks greasy and tell cats how to Flip, while putting the homie Sen City on the vocals.  Dame gives advice and says never stash, but instead flip your money.  He says keep a bad chick with style and looks, because she’ll keep you balanced and will remain loyal as long as you hold her down.  He says, n*ggas are the new b*tches. lol.

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