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J. Cole Performs In Philly At Made In America Festival

J. Cole hits the stage in Philly for the Jay-Z sponsored festival, Made In America.  He starts off with a dedication to Mike Brown, the teen killed in Missouri, by the Ferguson officer, Darren Wilson.  J. Cole plays police brutality clips on the big screen while singing the lyrics to his Be Free track.

He continues his outdoor performance for the large crowd for about an hour, giving us hit after hit.  He brought a live band, DJ, background dancers and singers.  It looks like Cole has stepped his performance game up.  He’s an entertainer now, not just a rap artist.

Is Beats By Dre Really The Best Headphones Or Have We Been Brainwashed?

Marques Brownlee gives us his take on the Beats By Dre headphones.  He shares an interesting analysis and how we are probably brainwashed to believe that Beats By Dre headphones are the best on the market.  I personally enjoy the Beats headwear, but I’m also not a headphone connoisseur and therefore, never tried any similarly priced equipment.

Troy Ave & Young Lito Kick A Rap On Sway In The Morning

Troy Ave and his BSB member, Young Lito, hit up Sway In The Morning and kicked some verses.  Troy Ave tried to deceit the eyes and rap while looking on his phone, but Sway exposed him by removing the bottles that were in blocking view.

Sway is old school and likes to hear real freestyle from the top of the dome, not rehearsed bars or written material.  Troy probably lost points with Sway for that stunt.  Although Young Lito’s verses were rehearsed, he gave us the business and did his thang.

NEW MUSIC: Ma$e – Politically Incorrect

In response to the Mike Brown gun down by the Ferguson police officer, rapper Ma$e gets Politically Incorrect.  People are obviously upset with the shooting deaths of our black youth, and rappers are no different, they have feelings and opinions too.  Mase makes it known how he feels and chose to lyrically expresses himself.

Wiz Khalifa Talks Amber Rose Twerking And Blacc Hollywood Album

Nessa of Wild 94.9 sits down with Wiz Khalifa to talk about his music career, his son Sebastian, his wife Amber Rose and her twerking videos, and his most recent album Blacc Hollywood.

Never Heard Tupac Phone Conversation With Sanyika Shakur – Who Shot Ya?

This is a never heard before recorded phone conversation with 2Pac speaking to his family, Sanyika Shakur.  In the conversation he reveals who shot him (the first time he was shot).  Ironically, the guy who started the East Coast vs. West Coast beef, had a bigger plan to bring the black nation closer, but that plan was derailed.  We also get some knowledge of how the term “overstand” was coined.

DMX Grooves To Alice Meyers 80′s Hit “I Want To Thank You” At Barbershop

As DMX gets his hair cut, he rocks, grooves and sing to Alice Meyers hit single I Want To Thank You from 1981.  Even today you DMX puts a spin on the track by adding his signature vocal “WHHAAATTTT!!!” to the song.

Dame Dash Says How He Feels About People Asking If He Owes Beanie Sigel Money

Dame Dash makes it clear that he thinks asking a man if he owes another man money is wrong.  He goes as far to suggest that it is kinda gay asking about another man’s pockets.  He says it’s “unmanly”.

It’s unclear if he actually owes Beanie any money or not.  Dame is obviously avoiding the question, which may be for a reason, because he owes Beans money.  However, Dame goes on to say “Beans isn’t the kind of guy you could rob.”  Which makes you think maybe he don’t owe Sigel any money.

At the end of they day, who cares?  Because, like the point Dame is trying to make, that’s between those two men.  Dame isn’t going to spill the BEANS!!!  lol

Capone -n- Noreaga Talk About How They First Met & Early Rap Career

The Breakfast Club caught up with Capone-N-Noreaga to discuss their track record and their stay in the rap game.  Capone reminisces on when Biggie wanted to sign him to Junior Mafia.  They also speak about Mobb Deep beef, jail life, playing basketball and how they met.

16TH HOUR: Logic Feat. Childish Gambino – Driving Ms. Daisy

For today’s 16TH HOUR we have Logic on the track Driving Ms. Daisy featuring Childish Gambino. Press play above to listen.

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