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Chicago Man Tells President Obama “Don’t Touch My Girlfriend”

At an early voting booth in Chicago a woman, Aia Cooper and her boyfriend, Mike Jones were surprised and shocked when President Obama voted at a booth next to theirs.  Jokingly, while exiting and after placing his vote, Mike Jones said to the president, “Don’t touch my girlfriend.”

Things could have went either way from there, but President Obama took the comment in stride and joked back with the couple, ending with a kiss on the cheek and hug to Aia.  It was all in fun, but a bold move by the Chicago native.  CNN took the time to interview the couple about the surprise encounter with the President of the United States.

Tina Knowles Gets Her Groove Back With Jamie Foxx

So much fun tonight ☺️#jamiefox #angelball2014 #tinaknowles

A video posted by Breanna Carthern (@brejoli) on

Beyonce gets it from her mommma.  Queen Bey mother, Tina Knowles, was seen at the Angel Ball in New York City, two-stepping with legendary comedian, singer and actor, Jamie Foxx.  It looks like Tina might have some moves.  She ’bout that cougar life.

Tyrese Blasts Wild-N-Out Comedian For Making Gay Allegations

Comedian and front man on Nick Cannon’s hit comedic show, Wild-N-OutSpanky Hayes, did a radio interview and hinted to actor Tyrese being gay.  He told a story about how he auditioned for the lead role in Baby Boy alongside Tyrese (without actually mentioning his name).  And when a gay question was asked by the casting director, Spanky was supposedly thrown back by the comment, but Tyrese was more than willing to oblige.

Obviously, social media king, Tyrese got wind of this comedian’s tale and set the record straight, by refuting the comedian’s claims.  Tyrese told the story of how he got the lead role for Baby Boy, and made it clear he never auditioned for the role, because John Singleton, personally approached him about playing the role of Jody, after Tupac was no longer available due to his demise.

Tyrese also did the math and realized that 28 year old, Spanky would’ve been a teenager during that time, while 22-year old Tyrese was more accommodating for the role of a young man.  This revelation leads to the fact, that Spanky and Tyrese never auditioned for the role of Baby Boy together, because Spanky never would have been considered for the role due to his age, therefore his story is fabricated.

Tyrese made it obvious that Spanky stories were full of holes.  He was putting on for the camera and trolling.  Check out the comments Spanky Hayes made below, and listen to Tyrese’s poetic response above,

Chief Keef Dropped From Interscope Records Label

Chief Keef Dropped by Label for Legal Charges

This is a lesson learned for all upcoming rappers.  If your angle is to secure a record deal with a major label, then it’s best to be on your best behavior.  The record label may want gangsta rap, but they don’t want a true gangster!!!  Remember that.

Allegedly, Chief Keef was dropped today from Interscope Records, with the reason being his legal issues that continues to pile up.  The label has been trying to distance itself from the Chicago rapper since he started getting into trouble and catching lawsuits back in 2013.  The last straw was when Chief Keef was associated with a recent shoot out in Chi-town in March 2014.

Chief Keef’s people tried to save face and get the rapper back in good graces with the label by moving him to Los Angeles, but it was too little too late, because the label already felt it needed to part ways from the loose cannon.

It’ll be interesting to see where Chief lands after this.  Recently, Atlanta rapper, Trinidad James, was dropped from Def Jam and he’s been hard pressed to find a new home.  So far, he’s been a one-hit wonder with his single, All Gold Everything.  Let’s see if Chief Keef will follow suit as a one-hit wonder or if he’ll land on his feet and take things to the next level without Interscope.

What do you think?

Erica Dixon From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Gets Into Fist Fight With A Man At The Club

Erica Dixon got into a fight at a VA Beach nightclub when a dude started throwing dollars at her and she rescinded.  When she picked the money up and threw it back at the guy, he got upset and his b*tch as tried to bust a move to disrespect her, but she trained to go, so she swung back and her girls got into the mix

Blind Fury On BET Freestyle Friday’s Backroom

Blind Fury hits BET‘s Backroom and gives us a freestyle like only he can.  The South Carolina native does his thang!

Guy Turns The Tables And Pulls Police Officer Over

This guy has mega balls, because where I’m from, you stay far away from police, but instead this guy pulled the police over to issue a citizen’s warning.  Once he pulls the officer over and gets his attention, he tells him how he’s in violation for driving an unmarked police vehicle, while on patrol.  He tells the officer that he’s breaking the law and can get arrested for the violation.

The police officer looks on with confusement, but seems to be willing to comply with the citizen’s demands.  When the guy asked the officer for his ID, he was reluctant at first, but later showed his ID.  The guy tells him, he should take the car back to the police station and no longer use it on patrol or to pull others over.

Drake Is Not Steph Curry With The Shot

Drake warmed up with the Kentucky Wildcats and shot an airball when taking his first basketball shot.  Obviously, he’s not Steph Curry with the shot”, as he claims.  He came out with the whole warm up gear and all, but couldn’t deliver.

Smack/UFF: Brizz Rawsteen Vs. Dot

Smack took his show on the road and landed a weekly viewing on BET at 5PM for a third season with his Ultimate Freestyle Friday (UFF) battle rappers.  Brizz Rawsteen and Dot are the first contenders up this season.

Omarion Baby Mother Denies Him A DNA Test For Their Son, So He Dumps Her

Apryl Jones, Megga Omari, and Omarion Family Time

If you’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, then you’ve probably seen Omarion and his girlfriend’s, Apryl Jones, budding relationship.  The  two even have a child on the way, but one person in particular isn’t happy, that’s Omarion’s mother.

The newborn is now here and those close to the couple say, mother O is spreading rumors that the baby isn’t Omarion’s, because the child looks bi-racial.  Omarion has his own doubts, because he believes his mother and requested a DNA test.  However, sources say this questioning sent Apryl into a frenzy and she began crying hysterically.  Reportedly, Omarion gave her some days to calm down, but persistently asked again and she gave him a stern “NO”, denying his request for a DNA test.

Obviously, this led to more questions and distrust.  Sources say, finally Omarion had enough and ultimately ended things with his girlfriend.  It’s unclear if Omarion is still in the child’s life and being financially supportive (which he should, until he knows the truth) or if he’s going to pursue a court ordered DNA test from a judge.

Reportedly, the entire fall out was caught on camera by VH1 and we’ll get to see it all in upcoming Love & Hip Hop Hollywood episodes.  It’s also reported that Apryl’s ex-boyfriend is Mexican.  None of my business tho (sips tea … w/ a shot of vodka).

Omarion Baby Isn't His

Omarion Laying With Son and Carrying Him

Get that DNA test bruh!!!!

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