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Kendrick Lamar Drops A Video For His Interlude Track “For Free”

Kendrick Lamar shows his comedic side and gives us a video for his poetry inspired interlude track titled, For Free from his album To Pimp A Butterfly, which is on sale now – click here.  He makes it funny and hilarious with his whimsical pop ups, costumes and interactions.

Meek Mill Drops His Drake Diss Track “Wanna Know”

I’m not sure if you Wanna Know, but Meek Mill dropped his diss track response to Drake’s Charged Up and Back to Back.  I’m just going to share it and not give any rating to it.  I’ll let you decide, but social media has been buzzing.

Safaree – Lifeline (Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Diss)

Safaree, the ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj has released a diss track to fire back to Meek Mill after he publicly dissed him in a Twitter rant.  Meek Mill said,

Safaree responded via Twitter,

Now he dropped this diss track exposing much about the relationship.  He claims in the track that he knew about Nicki’s and Meek’s closeness, it wasn’t a secret and how he is over  her as well as how he wrote most of her punchlines.  It’s unclear if he’s just in his feelings and making things up to save face, or if there’s any validity in his claims, because in January 2015 Safaree confirmed that he never wrote any material for Nicki.  However, his flow and delivery in this track can be compared to some of Nicki’s music and it’ll be hard to believe he never wrote one line for his 12-year girlfriend, especially being a rapper himself.

Anyway, this is all entertaining.  It’s time for Meek Mill to step up to the plate and release a diss track, which is aimed at Drake and now Safaree.

Meek Mill Feat. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown – All Eyes On You

Meek Mill releases a music video for his track All Eyes On You which features Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown, although Chris doesn’t make a visual appearance in the production.

Drake “Back To Back” (Meek Mill Diss)

Drake returns with a Back To Back diss track for the Philly rapper, Meek Mill.  His first diss track titled, Charged Up, was released a few days ago and so far Meek Mill hasn’t responded with his own diss record, however he threw some shots via Twitter.

It seems Drake is calling Meek out in this one and Meek will have no choice except to respond.  It’ll be interesting to see what Meek does with this one.  I think we have officially entered battle zone and it’s on Meek at this time.  It’s a great thing to see rappers returning to the battle on wax.  I hope it stays there and we see more of this in the industry.  It’s what hip hop is missing!

Bobbi Kristina Brown Passes Away At 22 Years Of Age In A Hospice Facility

Bobbi Kristina Brown Rest In Peace

The young 22 year old, Bobbi Kristina Brown has passed away at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, GA while surrounded by family.  The daughter of the late, Whitney Houston and R&B singer, Bobby Brown was found unresponsive in her bathtub on January 31, 2015.  Since then, she has been in a coma and haven’t awaken.

She was recently moved to a hospice center on June 24th when it was determined she would likely never awake from her coma state, despite the great medical care she received from numerous facilities.  Her family hoped for the best, but prepared for the worst during these months.

Today Bobbi Kristina took her last breath.  May she rest in peace.

Drake Responds To Meek Mill With Diss Track “Charged Up”

Drake had enough and is Charged Up.  He releases a diss track aimed at Meek Mill, after Meek outed Drake for using ghostwriters, which wrote some of his hits.  To many, Meek Mill came across as a whiny simp, who spilled the beans of a pillow talk conversation with his superstar girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

In recent days, Meek Mill apologized to Nicki for going on a rant about her labelmate, but he also expressed no hard feelings to Drake.  However, it’s a little too late, because Drake decided to still release his eloquent and well delivered diss track, without throwing direct punches at the Philly native.

To say the least it was kinda a weak response, if judging in accordance to battle rapping, but probably a more cleverly constructed diss track, especially if Meek responds with his rapid fire delivery.  We all know too well that Meek can go toe-to-toe with the best of them, when it comes to battle rap, but does Meek have enough star power to take Drake down and starve his crew.

You be the judge.  Did Drake get his off in the diss track?

Meek Mill response via Twitter:

Mike Brown Mother’s Reaction To The “Not Guilty” Verdict

It’s a sad day in America.  Again, another black youth is gunned down and killed at the hands of a police officer and justice fails us.  Mike Brown was a teenager who was shot 12 times by a Ferguson, MO police officer named, Darren Wilson.  The grand jury has found Wilson innocent of any criminal actions and he is a free man, after gunning down Mike Brown on the Ferguson streets.

Mike Brown’s mother was obviously upset with the jury’s verdict and voiced her opinions outside the Ferguson courthouse while accompanied with family members and cameras.  She shouted and screamed, “yall wrong.”  Mike Brown’s stepfather stood up and said, “burn this motherf*cker down.”

RZA Respects Kendrick Lamar Ode To Ol’ Dirty Bastard

MTV sits down with RZA and when asked about Kendrick Lamar’s tribute to Ol’ Dirty Bastard during his Saturday Night Live performance, he had nothing but love for the Cali youngster.

NEW VIDEO: G-Unit – Big Body Benz

50 CentLloyd Banks and Kidd Kidd join forces on this new G-Unit track titled, Big Body Benz.

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