Street Dose represents the current affairs of the hip hop industry and community. It’s where you can come to talk about all things hip hop.  You can join groups, add forum topics, make friends and more.  It’s where you come to share your voice and socialize with others in the hip hop community.  Street Dose is where you come to get ya’ daily fix!

This site has been around since 2010, it started as just an ordinary hip hop blog, but grew into much more.  In 2016 Street Dose was renovated new and improved.  Street Dose now has a member area and social platform, that’s available to all.  Anyone can register.

The goal of the site is to be the place for discussion in the rap community, and world of hip hop.  Giving the people a forum of their own to voice their opinions, viewpoints and start discussions.  This is the website to discuss any topic which would interest a hip hop audience, including, music, artists, news, gossip, lifestyle, politics, religion, education, etc.

Street Dose is considered one of the best hip hop sites where you can get breaking rap news, enjoy good hip hop music and express yourself.  Forum and group participation is highly encouraged on Street Dose.  The site is moderated to eliminate SPAM, but legitimate content is never censored or altered.  All relevant content is published without cause, no matter how vulgar or honest the comment.  However, spamming, trolling, hatred, racism, illegal, pirated or copyrighted material would never be tolerated and will be eradicated from this site.

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“I’m not a businessman.  I’m a business, man.”  – Jay Z

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