Tyga Facing Eviction From His $16K/mo. Malibu Rental
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October 14, 2012

Gholamreza Rezai is the landlord of the Malibu mansion where Young Money rapper, Tyga, currently resides.  The landlord says he owes $16,000 for failure to pay September’s rent.  He signed a one-year lease with the rapper in June, but payments halted last month.

Rezai says Tyga expressed that he wanted to move out by September 30, 2012 because too many fans had learned about his new residence and he often had unwanted visitors.  Tyga feels the mansion does not offer enough security so he planned to move out on 9/30 even though the landlord did not agree to let him break the lease.

As of today Tyga has stopped paying rent, but still resides at the home.  He has not made any attempt to move out by September 30th as he originally stated.  The landlord is fed up at this point and just wants the monies owed to him and want Tyga booted from the property immediately.


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