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-- October 25th, 2011 --

Jim Jones Jumped And Robbed In Harlem By Ex-Manager Boyfriend

Its been reported that Jim Jones has been jumped and robbed in Harlem by his ex-manager, Yandy Smith, boyfriend. Supposedly Jim Jones left an early morning studio session and got into an argument with Yandy’s boyfriend. Later he went to one of Harlem projects to confront the same guy where he got chased by goons who beat him down and robbed him.

The beef stemmed from Jimmy being dumped by his manager, Yandy, because she could no longer vibe with his girlfriend, Chrissy. The two ladies reportedly got into a fist fight earlier this week. Let’s hope this is the last of the violence and it doesn’t escalate from here.

On another note the television series Love & Hip Hop season 2 begins on November 14th. Matter fact, Yandy Smith is a new character on the show as well as Juelz Santana baby’s mother Kim Vanderhee a.k.a. Kimbella. It’s going to be an interesting season.


UPDATE 10/26/2011:

Jim Jones is vehemently denying the allegations of him being jumped by Yandy’s boyfriend or his goons. He does say a robbery attempt was made, but it was a botched attempt.

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8 Responses to “Jim Jones Jumped And Robbed In Harlem By Ex-Manager Boyfriend”

  1. empala says:

    Damn where’s camron when you need him

    • tim callahan says:

      everyone nows jimmy is the best thats why camron dnt want to show his face his he is whack and but if he get rob jim wound have his back o my bad he dnt sell no hit recocds jimmy is dipset and camron

  2. LATONIA says:

    Kids will be fucking kids..Wtf? How old are these mutha fuckas!?!? Damn shame our kids wanna be like (these type) of so-called,(air quote)-“celebraties!” They didn’t learn SHIT from MY DUDE*aka* KRS 1??

  3. MonkP-funk says:

    Keep it funky world this nigga jim said he got hit wit a metal pipe and he didnt feel it.lets b serious everybody who realy trustes dat story.Ok I dont
    care how amaped he so say was,whoever u get popped by a pipe and not see it komin or regaurdless if u do see it u gonna feel this nigga jus pulled a false child story he mite as well said the dude shot at him and caught the bullet

  4. he said she said high school shit i dont know if homie caught or not but i know if you not in your hood you can catch it at anytime.thats the rules everyone knows that.

  5. Asia Williamson says:

    1 jimmy is a NOBODY him & his weak ass crew 2 he FUCK up they friendship & 3 DONT FUCK WITH NOBODY MONEY

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