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Ex-New York Knicks Player John Starks Talks About Biggie’s Song “I Got A Story To Tell”

John Starks reveals that the verse in Biggie’s song, about smashing a New York Knicks girlfriend was real, but it wasn’t him.  He says he is not the dude Biggie was talking about in the song, but would not give up the name of the player.  John said he’s only 6’2″ and the guy Biggie referred to was 6’5″.  It remains a mystery which NY Knicks player felt the wrath of Notorious B.I.G.

Beyonce & Jay-Z “Bang Bang” Part One [Short Film]

Jay-Z and Beyonce puts out part one of a short film, titled, Bang Bang, which is set to be continued.  It’s a silent movie from what I can tell and a ode to their On The Run tour, which ended on Saturday, at Stade de France in Paris.  Not sure when part two will be released, but I’m sure it’ll be here sooner than we think!

Ghostface Killah Talks About Young Artists And How The Rap Game Has Changed

While out in the United Kingdom, Ghostface Killah interviews with SK Vibemaker to discuss how the rap game has changed and the young artists coming up in the game.  He also talks about Wu-Tang Clan, his music, old school rappers, and new Wu music and their legacy.

Michael Moore Says President Obama Will Only Be Remembered As First Black President

President Obama hasn’t impressed everyone, namely, Michael Moore.  Michael says President Obama will only be remembered for being the first black president, and that’s it.  Nothing else.  How do you feel?  Do you think President Obama contributing to our American society?  What would you remember him for, besides being the first black president?

Dame Dash Tells What Is A 360 Deal? Gives Advice For Canadian Artists And Talks Future Generation

Many are confused by the term 360 deal, although many would still sign such a deal.  Dame Dash explains how a 360 deal is a way for a record label to eat off of a trending artist.  They get a piece of the pie on any deal the artist have, even deals outside the label, such as merchandising, tour money, endorsements, etc.  In many cases it’s a sucker deal, but very few have made it work for them.

Dame also gives a person advice for a Canadian artist trying to break into America’s hip hop scene.  His recipe for success is to emulate those who’s done it before you, such as rapper Drake.  Follow his blueprint and you’ll achieve your goals.

Lastly, Dame was asked about our future generation and how we can make sure the kids coming up have a promising foundation.  He says, it’s to lead by example.

NEW VIDEO: Elephant Man “Shmoney Dance” [Bobby Shmurda]

Elephant Man has even caught the Bobby Shmurda bug and is doing the Shmoney Dance.  He remixes the popular hit song for his reggae fans and delivers riveting Jamaican expressions over dancehall beats.

Bobby Shmurda is taking the world by storm, the Hot N*gga will be performing at Powerhouse this coming fall, at the Barclay Center in his hometown, Brooklyn, NY.  It’s an unbelievable ride the homie is on.  Bobby showed up for the music video shoot with Elephant Man, but Bobby didn’t lay any verses, just made a cameo.

NEW VIDEO: Jim Jones Feat. Balgreezy & YD “Ocho”

Jim Jones has that Ocho (8ball) for the low low.  He gets Balgreezy and YD to lay verses on the track.  This one is off Jimmy’s latest EP titled, We Own The Night Pt 2: Memoirs Of A Hustler.  It’s on sale, here.

Chris Brown Talks Peacing It Up With Drake And A Possible Collaboration

Since the reign of queen Rihanna is over for both Chris Brown and Drake, it’s time for the two to make peace.  Chris sat down with Sway and told the story of how Drake reached out to him to bury the hatchet.  Chris says after his humbling jail experience he felt it was time to stop the beef and grow up.  We may even get a collaboration between the duo in the near future.

Jim Jones Talks About New EP Album, Reality TV, Wedding, Dame Dash Beef, Ray Rice, Touring And More

Jim Jones visits Hot 97 to discuss his newest EP album, We Own The Night 2, which is on sale now.  He also speaks about his reality television show, Chrissy & Mr. Jones.  He says the show is coming back on air soon, but didn’t give any other specifics.  Jimmy chats about his engagement to long time girlfriend, Chrissy, and getting married to her in the near future.

Recently, Jones went on a Twitter rant against Dame Dash over a sour business deal between the two and lashed out on the mogul.  Jim didn’t go into details, but he didn’t deny their was some tension between the two.  They also talked about the recent Ray Rice controversy.  Jim gives his take on the Lil Wayne vs. Drake tour.

Bobby Shmurda Talks Barclay Center, Driving A Hooptie, And The Old Neighborhood

Bobby Shmurda and his team, including Rowdy Rebel sit down with Angie Martinez at Power 105.1 to discuss his upcoming concert at Barclay Center.  He also talks about his 1998 black Nissan Maxima and how his mother sold it for $250, while he was out of town.  They also speak about the love they are getting from around the nation and in his hood.

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