Toni Braxton Brings Birdman On Stage At ATL Concert & Raises More Dating Speculation
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June 3, 2016

Toni Braxton called Birdman on stage last night at her show in Atlanta.  While her three sisters, TrinaTracy, and Towanda were singing background, Toni interrupted because they were off key.  She then motions Birdman to the stage and says,

“You hear that B?”

As Birdman walks on stage and greets the roaring crowd.

It sounded like she said “boo”, but after giving it a good listen, its clear she said B.  Rumors of these two dating has been swirling around for some time, but now it looks like it may very well be true.  I think we can even call this confirmation.  What y’all think?

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Tamar Braxton Talks Being Fired & Lands Her Own Talk Show
R&B News R&B Videos Tamar Braxton
June 2, 2016

Tamar Braxton sat down with Steve Harvey to discuss her termination from The Real talk show.  She speaks about her sudden departure and what happened, although the details are vague, because she admits she really doesn’t know the reason for being let go.  She assures us that she is stronger from this experience and only speaks positivity over her life, and she encourage others to do the same during times of adversity or otherwise.

During their discussion Steve Harvey shared some exciting news with the audience.  He announced that Tamar Braxton has signed with his production company, East 112th St, to produce her own talk show.

Reportedly, Tamar’s husband, Vince, was the person responsible for negotiating the deal with Steve Harvey and his company.  No official date has been announced as of yet, but they say they’ll be working on it.

Congratulations to Tamar.  Wish her the very best!!

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Omarion Baby Mother Denies Him A DNA Test For Their Son, So He Dumps Her
Featured Omarion R&B News
October 18, 2014

Apryl Jones, Megga Omari, and Omarion Family Time

If you’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, then you’ve probably seen Omarion and his girlfriend’s, Apryl Jones, budding relationship.  The  two even have a child on the way, but one person in particular isn’t happy, that’s Omarion’s mother.

The newborn is now here and those close to the couple say, mother O is spreading rumors that the baby isn’t Omarion’s, because the child looks bi-racial.  Omarion has his own doubts, because he believes his mother and requested a DNA test.  However, sources say this questioning sent Apryl into a frenzy and she began crying hysterically.  Reportedly, Omarion gave her some days to calm down, but persistently asked again and she gave him a stern “NO”, denying his request for a DNA test.

Obviously, this led to more questions and distrust.  Sources say, finally Omarion had enough and ultimately ended things with his girlfriend.  It’s unclear if Omarion is still in the child’s life and being financially supportive (which he should, until he knows the truth) or if he’s going to pursue a court ordered DNA test from a judge.

Reportedly, the entire fall out was caught on camera by VH1 and we’ll get to see it all in upcoming Love & Hip Hop Hollywood episodes.  It’s also reported that Apryl’s ex-boyfriend is Mexican.  None of my business tho (sips tea … w/ a shot of vodka).

Omarion Baby Isn't His

Omarion Laying With Son and Carrying Him

Get that DNA test bruh!!!!

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Keyshia Cole Arrested For Attacking Birdman’s Side Piece
Keyshia Cole R&B News
September 20, 2014

Keyshia Cole Assaults Woman Who Cheated With Cash Money's Baby

There’s a rumor that Keyshia Cole and Birdman are dating each other and this love connection lead to an assault on a woman who was at Baby’s residence when Cole arrived at his condo 5am in the morning on Friday, Sept 19th.

Supposedly, Keyshia Cole lost it when she seen the woman and went in on the girl, leaving scratches all over her face.  The police were called, so Keyshia was arrested and charged with battery.  While in custody police also discovered she had an outstanding warrant for reckless driving.  She’s currently out on $46,000 bail.

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Bobby Brown To Join The Real Husbands Of Hollywood
Bobby Brown R&B News
May 5, 2013

Lala Vasquez-Anthony on set of Real Husbands of Hollywood with Bobby Brown and JB Smoove

It’s rumored that Bobby Brown will soon join the cast of The Real Husbands Of Hollywood starring Kevin Hart, Boris Kodjoe, JB Smooveand Duane Martin, plus now Chris Rock has joined the cast for season two.  Lala Anthony posted a pictures of herself on set of RHOH.

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