Gucci Mane Announces Chief Keef Is Newest Member Of Bricksquad
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May 8, 2013

Chief Keef Newest Member of 1017 Bricksquad

Just when you thought it was safe Gucci Mane makes a shocking announcement and says Chicago teen rapper, Chief Keef, has joined his 1017 Bricksquad label.  Could this be true or is Gucci just blowing smoke on this one?  I’m sure we will soon find out!!

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Excerpts From T.I. Frst Novel Titled “Power And Beauty”
Rap Media Rap News T.I.
October 2, 2011


After the death of his mother, Charlotte, Paul “Power” Clay allows himself to be guided by Slim, a local businessman. Slim always has the best of everything, and Power is sure that if he learns Slim’s ways, he’ll make something of himself–and perhaps be worthy of Tanya “Beauty” Long. From Chicago to Miami to New York, through drugs, women, and violence, Power makes the difficult transition from boy to man and, in doing so, begins to question if those who have taught him–including Slim–truly have his best interests at heart.

Beauty has always known that the only person she can rely on is herself. After her mother died when she was eleven years old, she was adopted by close family friend Charlotte Clay. But with Charlotte’s death, Beauty knows she’s no longer safe and protected–especially as Power gets sucked into a new kind of life. As soon as she can, she turns her back on Atlanta–and the growing love she feels for Power–for a chance to make it in the Big Apple. With a successful fashion career on the horizon, Beauty takes New York by storm with her wit, business savvy, and breathtaking good looks. But she’s never forgotten those she left behind. And when it becomes clear that Power needs her, Beauty will risk everything to save the man she loves.

Prison is a place where you have all the time in the world, but nothing to do, so a good way to occupy time is to write. Like other celebrity ex-cons T.I. jumps into the book writing game and will release his first novel on October 18th titled Power & Beauty: A Love Story of Life On The Streets.

It’s a fictional tale, but written with T.I.’s own personal experiences. Below are excerpts from the book. Get your copy here.












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