Hot Sixteen On The 16TH HOUR
October 22, 2011

Hot Sixteen on the 16TH HOUR is a way for upcoming, underground, underrated, or unsigned artist to gain exposure on StreetDose. Everyday at the 16th hour (4PM) StreetDose will publish music from an aspiring artist.

StreetDose will accept daily submissions at and will select an artists based on hottest verse and production. You’ll have to check back everyday because your submission can be published at the 16TH HOUR on any given day, if it’s a dope track!

Mediocre songs will not be accepted. If you constantly submit wack or garbage music to then your email will be flagged and banned from sending any communication to StreetDose.

You can submit audio or video. Even though it’s called Hot 16, StreetDose will not limit your verse or track to 16 bars. You can submit a full track with hooks and all, but do not submit any albums, mixtapes, LP’s, or EP’s those will not be published on the 16TH HOUR. To qualify you must follow these simple rules:

  • * Must email submissions to for consideration
  • * Submit only dope tracks, examples here. Trash music will be treated as such
  • * Only submit one music submission per artist per day
  • * Never submit the same music twice
  • * Music must be no older than 60 days
  • * You must have the permission and authority to submit music on the artist behalf
  • * Submissions must include audio or video (hulkshare, mediafire, YouTube, etc.)
  • * Submissions must include at least one artist or promo image

Send your music now for consideration,

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CONTEST: Write A Verse For The Game R.E.D. Album And Get Recognized
Featured HOT SIXTEEN Rap News The Game
July 8, 2011

The Game teamed up with The Source magazine to give aspiring MC’s a chance to ghostwrite a hot 16 for his Pot Of Gold single featuring Chris Brown which will be included on his upcoming R.E.D. Album. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and has potential to catapult one’s career.


Before you get too cocky know that this doesn’t include a publishing deal or any royalties — basically you are not going to get paid (money) for your 16 bars, but if that’s all you concerned about then you probably should rethink your rap career. The Game will give proper recognition to the winning MC.


All of you energetic rappers who are ready to take things to the next level should put your thinking caps on and head over to The Source to leave your written verse for the homie Game!!! To participate go here and drop your verse in the comments section. The Game will read all verses and personally select the winner. Good luck!!

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HOT SIXTEEN ON THE 16TH: Life Lesson (Feb 2011)
February 16, 2011

Understandin’ life lessons is a blessin (1)
Stop stressin’ and start trekkin’ (2)
In the right direction (3)
And you’ll soon find answers to all your questions (4)
Get in touch wit’ your spirit (5)
Don’t let it go too far stay near it (6)
Trust me dog it has merit (7)
I know you do wanna hear it (8)
But there’s a condition to death (9)
And that is, you must take your last breath (10)
So why you here on earth make sure you breathe like you have no more time left (11)
Cause when it’s all said and done (12)
Nothing is coming wit’ you, not even a crumb (13)
But who gives a F*CK!  Bullets fly n*gga, DUCK! (14)
I’m just sayin’ rise from the slums (15)
Understandin’ life lessons start wit’ puttin’ down the guns (16)

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January 16, 2011

You can paint the perfect picture pasley and it still won’t amaze me (1)
Not a eighties baby, but a seventies rebel (2)
Tell the truth your street cred ain’t credible (3)
Had my first child before I hit the 12th grade (4)
Came up in these streets hard, had to pave my own way, self made (5)
Addicted to this fast life (6)
Sorta like a fiend suckin’ on the glass pipe (7)
Gotta keep my cash right (8)
Never comfortable in the lime light (9)
I lurk in the muddy waters where the sharks bite (10)
I’m tough as nails (11)
I got pumps and shells (12)
You sweet as hell, was a n*gga pumpkin in jail (13)
F*ckboi you can’t make bail (14)
You a lame duck look at cha’ u all flamed up (15)
Target practice, aim — bust (16)

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December 16, 2010

Your Girl

[chorus]Temptations rendition of My Girl  replaced with Your Girl Your Girl, Your Girl, Your Girl, Talkin’ Bout Your Girl, Your Girl…Oooh![/chorus]


I’m the type to f*ck your girl brains out (1)
Send her home to you after I skeet in her mouth (2)
She tongue kiss you as soon as she walk in the house (3)
Tease you a little bit and unbutton her blouse (4)
Then she go take a shower come back to you in about an hour (5)
You waitin’ for her but she tell u that she tired (6)
All she doin’ is thinkin’ ’bout my sh*t (7)
In the middle of the night she wake up in a cold sweat from a wet dream (8)
Run to the bathroom and she immediately hit me up we start sexting (9)
I tell her meet me at my home next time she get some time alone (10)
So the next day early in the morn she hit me on the horn and tell me hubby gone (11)
I tell her get out the house, get in her car, and drive over here … come on (12)
She know I ain’t nuttin’ to f*ck wit’ so she does as instructed (13)
When she arrive she says she has more than a few hours and I trust it cause she know I don’t nut quick! (14)
Turned her phat ass over and gave a soft butt kiss (15)
Then f*cked her brains out like a slut b*tch (16)

Your Girl!


[chorus]Temptations rendition of My Girl  replaced with Your Girl Your Girl, Talkin’ Bout Your Girl, Your Girl…Oooh!

If you ask which girl I like to skeet all in her face…
Then I’ll tell you and this is what I’ll say…
Your Girl!  Your Girl!  Talkin’ Bout Your Girl!  Your Girl!



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