Comedian Tracy Morgan Mother Speaks Out Against Her Son For Not Helping With Mortgage
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February 5, 2012

Successful comedian Tracy Morgan is worth $18 million, however for his reasons he has refused to help his mother with her $25K mortgage crisis.  Instead he had his accountants contact his moms and offer her only $2K.  She speaks out about her son’s unwillingness to provide adequate assistance.

Although I hear her story, there must be a reason why Tracy has deep rooted resentment towards his moms.  Family matters should never go public!  However, I feel Tracy should just be the bigger person and do the right thing! That’s your mother!!  You should take care of all her expenses for the rest of life!  No matter what!  That’s your mother!  Hopefully, he’ll wisen up on this matter.  You and fam is in our prayers Tracy!


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