Toya Wright Talks Lil Wayne, Crazy Groupies & Being Married To Weezy
Lil Wayne Toya Wright Urban Videos
November 13, 2014

Toya Wright sits down with vLadTV to talk about Lil Wayne.  She recalls some crazy groupie stories and spoke about being married to Lil Wayne as well as tells why they divorced.  Toya says her and Wayne are good friends nowadays and they laugh about the past.

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K. Michelle Responds To Toya & Says She’s Gonna Slap Her On Sight
K. Michelle Toya Wright Urban News
August 9, 2012

The beef with K. Michelle and Toya Wright has been heating up.  Earlier this week Toya sat down with Talking With Tami and spoke about the allegations K. Michelle is dishing out about her husband.  Toya said,

The picture she’s painting of my husband is not my husband. I’ve been knowing him for six years, I know several women that he has dated that never said anything about abuse. If somebody abuse you like that, where is the proof, where is the police report, where is the pictures, where is the messages that you said he sent threats to your kid and threatened to kill your child?…It don’t matter about love, you would be in jail if you threaten my kid…

Toya revealed she got a gag order put on K. Michelle, but obviously this didn’t work, because K. Michelle is at it again — talking cash ~ish.

Toya piping up and discussing the topic supposedly pissed K. Michelle off, because she came back firing shots via Twitter and even made bold claims that she will slap Toya on sight if she don’t shut her mouth about ~ish she knows nothing about.

Here’s the rest of the tweet that got cut off above

@ToyaWright enough of the BS. I have no problem with u. I’m gonna tell my story. This was way b4 u. So 4u 2try and bash me is just pathetic

Wow!  These women are really amping up!  What do you think about the issue?  Who do you side with in this beef?


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Toya Wright Gets Gag Order To Stop K. Michelle From Spreading Lies
Featured K. Michelle Toya Wright Urban Videos
August 7, 2012

Toya Wright defends her husband, Memphitz, against K. Michelle attacks about him being a woman abuser.  K. Michelle claims she was severely physically abused by the hit maker.  However, the industry is claiming K. Michelle is nothing more than a deranged lunatic.  There is no proof, reports, or past history of abuse, which makes K. Michelle claims frivolous.

Toya sat down with Tami Reed at Talking With Tami 2nd Bloggers Luncheon to speak about all the chatter.  Toya expressed she is sticking by her husband side.  She wants K. Michelle to keep her name out of her mouth and says she recently got a gag order.

I say let her talk, it wouldn’t hurt to use this opportunity to gain some free press.  People are talking and we all want to get down to the truth!  Did Memphitz black out one day and beat K. Michelle down?  Just because there are no reports, pictures, or past history means very little, the majority of domestic abuse cases are highly secretive, with no proof or existing evidence.

Maybe she didn’t tell people immediately.  Who Knows?  I don’t know who to believe.  What about you?  Do you think Memphitz beat K. Michelle down or is she telling lies?

K. Michelle tells Toya to “shut the f*ck up” after the jump!

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