Ted Williams Gets Arrested For Domestic Violence With His Daughter
Ted Williams Urban Videos
January 12, 2011


Finding fame always bring its own set of issues.  The same guy who found himself homeless just weeks ago is now enjoying the lap of luxury and with it comes mo problems.  Ted Williams is arrested at a Hollywood, CA hotel when his daughter flew into a rampage and flung an ice bucket at him and scratched him in the face.  Ted is just getting his life together after being lost for so many years, let’s hope he doesn’t mess this up!!  However, I must note no one has been charged with a crime.

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An Ex-Radio Announcer Who Turned Homeless Bounces Back On His Feet After His Voice Became A YouTube Sensation
Ted Williams Urban News
January 6, 2011

While standing on the side of the road holding a sign that basically reads, “I’ll work for food” homeless man, Ted Williams had a stroke of luck!!  A local dispatch reporter stopped to chat with Ted and quickly turned the camera on him as Ted gave impersonations of his best voice announcements.  When the reporter uploaded the video footage to YouTube no one knew it would be seen by the masses or it would be the ultimate resume for Williams. 


After seeing the footage, Ted Williams landed a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers and is also being pursued by other employers.  It seems his side of the road hustle has finally paid off.  Good for him.


This is the before picture of Ted,



See what Ted looks like today after the jump!

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