Suge Knight Shot Six Times At West Hollywood Nightclub
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August 24, 2014

Suge Knight Shot 6 Times At 1OAK Night Club

 UPDATE 8/24 5:45a PST:  

Suge is out of surgery.  Family source say he was shot 6 times, not 2 as previously reported.  He’s currently in ICU, but is expected to recover.

Suge Knight was shot six times at a pre-VMA’s after party at 1OAK nightclub, hosted by Chris Brown, reports TMZ.  The incident happened Sunday morning at 1:30am (PST).

Thankfully, Suge Knight has nine lives, because once again he has survived a brutal attack.  Although, he’s in the intensive care unit, doctors have successfully completed surgery and expect him to live.

According to reports the 300 plus pounder walked himself to the ambulance after being shot in the nightclub.  There were 3 others shot and one is in critical condition.

Other celebrity attendees at the party included, Tyson Beckford, Robert Ri’chard and Apple de Ap.  They all tell TMZ they were inside the club when they heard four shots rang off.  Chris Brown took to his twitter, to say his peace on the matter —

Clubgoers walked out the club with the “Hands up!  Don’t Shoot!” expression, while LAPD stood outside the club with guns drawn.

In the video below, it appears Suge Knight walked himself to the police car, where he sat and waited for an ambulance to arrive, then was escorted to the ambulance and taken to the local hospital.

It’s unclear at this time if the bullets were indeed intended for Mr. Knight or if he was an innocent bystander.  However, with the sketchy details — given his devious past and being shot six times, seems like an intended hit.

More details to come as this story continues to develop.  At this time, Suge is alive.  Bless him.

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Suge & Snoop Back Together. Stop LION!!
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February 24, 2013

Snoop Dogg x Suge Knight Friends Again

These frenemies, Suge Knight and Snoop Lion b.k.a. Snoop Dogg were spotted at the AV Club in Los Angeles.  They’ve been feuding for many years, but it looks like they’ve rekindled their friendship and are in a better place now.

The dude in the bottom left looked like Robin Thicke to me and I just imagined the other guy being Kevin Hart mean muggin’ Rob.  lol #RHOH

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The Guy Punched By Suge Knight Speaks Out
Katt Williams Suge Knight Urban Videos
December 31, 2012

The guy Suge Knight had punched the other day on camera comes out and speaks about what happened.  He says Suge punched him because he was recording Katt Williams punch another guy in the face.

The guy says Katt is the one who started the brawl in the parking lot.  He says Katt called another guy “Mexican” and the other guy got offended then Katt threw the first punch.  The guy is calling Suge a b*tch for putting his paws on him and then running away like a p*ssy.

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Suge Knight And Katt Williams Get Into A Club Brawl
Featured Katt Williams Suge Knight Urban Videos
December 30, 2012

Suge Knight and Katt Williams were caught on tape fighting in the parking lot of, Eden, a Hollywood nightclub.  This happened hours after Katt was released from jail for child endangerment charges.  TMZ also caught up with the guy who nearly got ran down by Suge Knight as he exited the parking lot in a panic.

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Suge Knight Claiming Tupac Is Alive
2Pac Featured Rap Audio Suge Knight
April 21, 2012

I don’t think this is anything new.  I believe Suge Knight made these same bold claims before, that his buddy 2Pac is still alive.  This is actual audio of Suge making these wild accusations.  He says no one ever seen Pac’s dead body and the cremation person supposedly received $3 million dollars for his services.

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