Wale Screams On B-More 92Q Radio Personalities Porkchop And Squirrel Wide
Porkchop Rap Audio Squirrel Wide Wale
December 24, 2010


Wale isn’t having any of it so he called up the radio station 92Q and spazzed out.  The verbal assault came about because the radio personalities Porkchop and Squirrel Wide had perpetuated a supposed beef with Bossman, a Baltimore rapper who seems salty because Wale is doing well, while he’s stuck in the hood.


The phone gangsta Wale, ended the call saying that he will be at the radio station tomorrow with his people.


[audio:http://streetdose.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/wale-radio-hosts.mp3|titles=Wale Gets Mad at Radio Station Ninety Two Que Because of Bossman Beef]


All joking and beef aside.  I want to say, “people just support your local artist”.  No need to beef or be mad because someone is doing better than you, let their success be your fuel.  The reason why it’s hard for people to come up out of your city is because the local people don’t support them.  Support ya’ artist!

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