Slowbucks Talks Snitching, 50 Cent Civil Lawsuit, Chain Snatch, Money & More
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June 18, 2014

The Breakfast Club catches up with Slow from the Slowbucks clothing brand to talk about getting jumped on the Summer Jam stage and getting his chain snatched.  He also speaks about the snitching rumors and opening a civil lawsuit and investigation on 50 Cent and his crew.  He also chat about getting money and how well the Slowbucks brand is doing.

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50 Cent Clowns Slowbucks On Twitter / Instagram
50 Cent Featured Rap News Slowbucks
June 6, 2014

Slowbucks Tweets Yellow Lambo and 50 Cent Disses Him

Slowbucks made a Twitter post stating he can go from “0 to 100 real quick” and posted a picture of a Lamborghini Aventador.  Coincidentally, 50 Cent recently purchased a white Lamborghini Aventador and made a G-Unit reunion song titled Real Quick over the Drake beat for 0 to 100.

Fifty obviously took this level of disrespect personally and went at Slow’s head over Twitter / Instagram, by telling him you have to “buy it first” and then calling him out by saying Slow is on some “legendary sucker sh*t”.

These two are at war since Slow got jumped and had his chain snatched by 50 Cent goons on stage at Summer Jams earlier in the week.  Then Slow is dry snitching by having his lawyers investigate 50 Cent and his camp, because of the robbery.  It’s a war in these streets.

Slowbucks on Twitter Splurging with Lamborghini

Slowbuck’s Instagram post:

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