Shantel Jackson Sues Floyd Mayweather For Assault, Harassment & More
Floyd Mayweather Jr. Shantel Jackson Urban Videos
September 5, 2014

Miss Jackson who is now dating famed St. Louis rapper, Nelly, has seeked legal aid from Gloria Allred in pursuit to sue Floyd Mayweather for assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil harassment and more.

Shantel Jackson alleges that Floyd Mayweather Jr. attacked her on multiple occasions and even once pulled a gun on her.  The lawsuit claims the first incident occurred in 2012, after he was released from prison, because of another domestic violence case.  She says they were arguing when he twisted her arm, then chocked her and forcibly took her phone to look through it.

Next in April 2013, she claims during another argument he bent her arm, restrained her and pointed a gun at her feet, asking “which toe do you want me to shoot?”  She also alleged that Floyd demanded her to remove the 17 carat engagement ring from her finger, while at gunpoint.

In Feb 2014, Floyd allegedly struck again at his condo at the Ritz in Los Angeles.  She claims after an argument she tried to leave, but Floyd once again restrained her and grabbed her arm, then dragged her back inside the condo.  Floyd stopped her from leaving for more than an hour.

Miss Jackson says Mayweather invaded her privacy by posting the photos of her sonogram on social media in May 2014, after she aborted twin babies, fathered by Floyd.

This is going to cost Floyd, either money or his freedom, or maybe even a little of both.  Right now, this is pure one-sided and Floyd nor his camp has responded.  I’m sure Floyd has already lawyered up and they are preparing a fight.  Maybe, the prize fighter will settle out of court so all of this just quietly goes away.

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