RoseMo Shot & Killed In Inglewood, California
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November 3, 2011

The blood gang member, Jomo Rose MoZambia who’s associated with Ice Burgandy of Waka Flocka label Brick Squad Monopoly has been gunned down and murdered in Ingelwood, CA. Rose Mo has a known history of getting into beefs and putting his hands on people, then sharing his story with his followers on Twitter (@RoseMo700).

Earlier this year he made claims of knocking the rapper Game out at Foxhills Mall (see video above), but no video footage of the knock out or official reports ever surfaced to confirm these claims.

Just a few days ago Rose Mo dropped those beads on the homie Boskoe (see video below), another blood gang member, but he crabbed dude out (beat him down like he was Crip) which is supposedly against the rules as a blood and can mean your life in these blood streets, from what I heard.

While driving his red BMW in Inglewood during the middle of the afternoon, Rose Mo, was shot multiple times. During the shooting, he ran a red light and crashed his car into an unmarked police vehicle. RoseMo died soon after he arrived at the hospital. The police officer is said to be in critical condition.

There hasn’t been any reports as to who or why he was shot dead in broad daylight, but one can only imagine, as the saying goes — you live by the sword you die by the sword! Most of his publicly known beefs stemmed from Twitter beefs that spilled over into the streets, usually for riding on niccas for talking reckless online to his homie Ice Burgandy.

Detective Gabriel de La Torre says that his team is currently looking into RoseMo Twitter activity for possible leads.

It’s sad we lost a soldier and more sad if it’s because the beef started from Twitter. Rest in peace!

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