Rodney King 911 Call Released
Rodney King Urban Audio
June 21, 2012

Rodney King fiancee made a frantic 911 call.  It’s debated as to whether or not her panic was authentic or faked to cover up a real crime.  As of yet, the authorities have not ruled any foul play involved.  They are ruling it an accidental drowning, but an autopsy and toxicology report is still in the works.

Rodney’s fiancee claims that she was asleep then heard something like a table fall and when she awoke Rodney was gone, not in the bed.  She got up to go find him and when she found him he was lying at the bottom of the pool, unresponsive.

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Rodney King Found Dead At The Bottom Of Swimming Pool
Featured Rodney King Urban News
June 17, 2012

Rodney King was made famous in 1991 when he was brutally beaten on the stress of Los Angeles by the LAPD.  His videotaped beating is what sparked one of the city’s most notable riots in L.A. history, when the police officers who committed the brutality got off scot-free.

It’s reported that the 47 year old Rodney was found by his fiancee at the bottom of a swimming pool early this morning.  Authorities are still investigating the cause of death and how he ended up at the bottom of a pool.  Let’s hope and pray no foul play was involved.  I will update as this story continues to develop.  Rest in peace King!

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