Mimi & Nikko Talk About Releasing A 2nd Sex Tape
Featured Mimi Faust Nikko Urban Videos
May 30, 2014

The big question is will there be another sex tape with the couple, Mimi and Nikko?  Well, they reveal there are no plans for a second sex tape, but they express, “never say never”.  It all comes down to money and how relevant they wish to remain.  Something tells me, a series is on the horizon.  What do you think?  Are they lying?

I think someone should let them know, once you are in film performing sex acts and make a monetary value on your performance, then you are considered a PORN STAR.  If someone wanted to buy their sex tape, then I’m sure it will categorized with “Adult” films, rated X — not rated G, PG, or R — but rated X.  Um.  Porn Star.

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