Mr. Marcus Talks Shutting Down Porn Industry Because Of Syphilis Scare
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March 26, 2013

About eight months ago Mr. Marcus shook the porn industry by becoming infected with syphilis.  He tricked the producers into thinking he was clean and cleared to work.  That stunt cost him dearly and the porn industry was put on pause for a few days as everyone got tested, no major adult productions filmed during this lockdown period.

Mr. Marcus finally speaks and tells his side of the story.  Of course he’s saying he never intentionally meant to harm or scare anyone.  It was just all a big misunderstanding and he tries to explain.

The real scary thing about this whole ordeal is that he says STD’s is simply part of the business.  You get them and you go get the medicine to take care of it.

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Porn Star “Mr. Marcus” Is Responsible For Industry’s Syphilis Outbreak
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August 28, 2012

The porn industry has stopped production and has been shut down for 10 days due to a syphilis outbreak.  The famous porn star Mr. Marcus has come forward as being the person responsible for the outbreak.

It’s shocking that he admitted to being the cause, because usually in the sex-driven industry STD’s are the thing of the norm and people rarely ever confess they’ve contaminated others.

Mr. Marcus knew he was infected with syphilis, but instead of taking the doctor orders of “no sexual activity” for 10 days while the penicillin kicks in, he altered his medical documents so he could continue work and gave himself just one day.  He claims he didn’t think he was contagious or could infect anyone.

What do you think about this story?  Do you think Mr. Marcus should face jail time for his irresponsible actions?

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