Check Out President Barack Obama & The First Lady Halloween Costumes
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November 3, 2012

President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle shock the world with their Halloween costumes.  I’m sure someone is just having fun with photoshop.  No President or First Lady would be crazy enough to dress as a pimp and whore so close to the elections.  That’s the crap you pull after you won second term.  lol

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Michelle Obama Teaches Dr. Oz “How To Dougie”
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September 12, 2012

Michelle Obama made a guest appearance on the Dr. Oz Show and gave a quick lesson on How To Dougie.  Keeping with her dance/active-fun initiative she showed Dr. Oz the Dougie dance.

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WTF? Michelle Obama Nude
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August 27, 2012

Michelle Obama is disrespected by a Spain magazine company, Magazine Fuera de Serie, who photoshopped the First Lady on the cover barring the nipple of her right breast.  The magazine depict Mrs. Obama as a slave who is draped in the American flag with a head wrap on her head.  It’s very rude, tacky, and demeaning.

It’s a clear sign of racism or need for attention.  Why disrespect our First Lady who has done nothing, but show the classiness, elegance, intelligence, and beauty of black women.  In no manner should she be portrayed in any submissive, powerless, or demeaning manner.

I vote that President Obama go overseas and blow Spain out of the water!!!  Make the whole country disappear!!!  lol.  That’d be some gangsta ~ish.  I have a real crush on the First Lady so I’m really taking this to heart!!  She don’t deserve this.  What you think?

UPDATE 8/27/2012

The French (so-called) artist who created the photoshop portrait name is Marie-Guillemine Benoist.  The name of the painting is Portrait d’une négresse.  The original portrait dates back to the nineteenth-century, of a French slave.  The portrait was not meant as disrespectful and the original is generally seen as a supportive statement for women’s rights.

Here is the original painting, Portrait d’une négresse, done in the nineteenth century of a French slave,

Regardless of the explanation and that it wasn’t meant as disrespect, it is still offensive and tacky to photoshop the First Lady in such a manner.  Period!!!

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Is It Common Sense The Republicans Are Unhappy With Common’s Poetry Performance At White House?
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May 12, 2011

Michelle Obama invited Common Sense the Chicago rapper to the White House to perform during poetry night, this definitely sent the republican party in an upheaval.  Sarah Palin and her constituents feel that Common Sense is a rapper who has no respect or regard for law enforcement, due to his poetic display on Russel Simmons Def Poetry Jam, seen here!


From this one poem the republican party came to the conclusion that Common has no business receiving invitations from the White House and make claims that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have no respect for the police even though they are head of the #1 law enforcement agency in the country.


These ridiculous claims are just evil attempts to undermine the presidency.  When Ronald Regan had Easy E come to the White House where were the republican party uproar then??  Easy E was a known gangsta rapper who even recorded a song titled, F*ck The Police.  Common is far from a gangsta rapper — he is a conscious rapper with a message in each of his songs!!  He may be revolutionary, but violent and gangsta he is not!!


Here’s the poetry performance by Common at the White House this week,


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Beyonce Joins Michele Obama “Let’s Move” Campaign
Beyonce Michelle Obama Rap Videos
April 10, 2011

The First Lady, Michele Obama has been pushing forward to fight childhood obesity with her Let’s Move initiative. Beyonce has jumped aboard and has remixed her hit, Get Me Bodied produced by Swizz Beatz and made it into a new song called, Move Your Body. The new song/video will be played in all (public) middle schools across America as a workout routine for children. It is scheduled for national syndication on May 3rd @ 1:42PM.



Here is the full song with the full workout choregraphy,


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