Memphitz Files Federal Lawsuit Against Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
K. Michelle Memphitz Rap News
September 4, 2012

Memphitz is tired of the lies and rumors being spread about him being a woman beater, because K. Michelle continues to tell her domestic abuse story which Memphitz claims is fabricated.  Memphitz already sent a cease and desist to the VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta to stop them from saying his name on the reality program.

Although, no one on the show said his name, everyone quickly became familiar with the story and know exactly who K. Michelle calls her attacker.  For this reason Memphitz has decided to file a multi-million dollar slanderous lawsuit against VH1 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta creators:  Viacom International, Inc.; NFGTV, Inc.; and Monami Entertainment, LLC.

Memphtiz says,

“My family and I have suffered tremendously while VH-1, Monami Ent., and the other companies provided a worldwide platform for K. Michelle to repeatedly assassinate my character. The filing of this suit is to compensate for the irreparable damage that has been done to my reputation and to deter these companies from doing such future harm to others.”

According to Attorney Conti J. Moore, Esq., whose practice is based in Orlando, Florida,

“Ms. Pate has taken full advantage of society’s tendency to accept claims of domestic violence as always being true, even in the absence of proof.  The only abuse that actually occurred is the malicious and calculated pattern of vicious lies Ms. Pate has assailed for the purpose of fabricating a compelling story line in an attempt to ruin my client’s name.”

Atlanta based Attorney Alcide L. Honoré, Esq. maintains that,

“Even the most ridiculous statements when repeated frequently become true in the minds of many.  Ms. Pate’s preposterous claims, which include allegations that Mr. Wright mismanaged funds and caused her career to ‘flop’, have been adopted as truth by many followers of the popular VH-1 reality series.”

It’d be interesting to see this play out in courts.  In who’s favor would the judge rule?  Will it become a case of domestic violence or case of slander?  Well all soon find out.  It’s about to heat up on K. Michelle side.


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Memphitz Breaks His Silence And Addresses The K. Michelle Beating
Featured K. Michelle Memphitz Urban Videos
August 22, 2012

Memphitz sits down with TT Torrez and gets down to the bottom of things.  Memphitz tells his side of the story and what really transpired that night with K. Michelle.  He admits to holding her arms and putting his hand over her mouth, but only to restrain her, not to harm her in any way (so he says).

It’s hard to know who to believe, because they both have convincing stories.  What’s your thoughts?  Do you think Memphitz is underplaying the incident or is K. Michelle over exaggerating?

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Toya Carter Husband Memphitz Is Arrested At Atlanta Airport
Featured Memphitz Rap News
August 22, 2011


TMZ repors that newlywed Mickey Memphitz Wright, the husband of Toya Carter was arrested for almost bringing a gun onto a plane at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.


His backpack contained the firearm and when he put his bag through the X-Ray scanner the TSA agents immediately took notice to the gun then contacted the police. Memphitz has a license for the weapon, but forgot it was in his bag. Wright was arrested on the spot and transferred to a nearby jail.


From what I know he’s still in custody, but hopefully he’ll be home soon. Guns on the planes is a serious crime and the government isn’t taken it lightly. Hopefully, he learned his lesson and will wisen up! Next time remember where you left your gun.

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