Mayor Cory Booker of Newark Saves Neighbors From Burning House
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April 14, 2012

It’s not everyday we get to see Mayor’s act heroically.  Mayor Cory Booker is a favorite amongst many in the city of Newark, NJ.  He is in touch with the people and even lives on Hawthorne Avenue (one of the hoodest blocks in Newark).  How real is that?

Thursday night, the Mayors’ neighbor house caught ablaze and Cory came to the rescue.  Cory and two of his security details were returning home after taping a television interview when they saw the neighbor home on fire.  Before firefighters were on the scene the mayor and his crew leaped into action and went into the blazing home to rescue folks.

They got the residents safely out of the home.  They thought everyone was out, but suddenly they heard a woman scream from the second floor and Cory rushed back into the blaze without hesitation.  He found the woman and lifted her over his shoulders and carried her to safety.

Cory speaks about the ordeal and says he realized at the moment he was in the house surrounded by fire that it could very well have been his last day on earth.

Booker suffered from smoke inhalation and second-degree burns on his hand.  Him and the woman were escorted to the hospital where they both were treated.  Booker was treated and released that same night.  Him and his crew is doing well.

Mayor Cory Booker knows how to keep himself in the news, but heroic acts like this is well deserving of news coverage and accolades.  This is one of the best mayor’s in the business.  Things could have gotten ugly in that fire if the mayor and his team was not there.  Hats off to all members involved and for showing their heroism.

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