Mathew Knowles Snitches On His Daughters, Beyonce & Solange
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August 29, 2014

In recent years Matthew Knowles hasn’t been the stand up guy we thought him to be.  First, he had a love child behind his wife’s back, now he’s on the radio snitching his daughters out, saying that ElevatorGate was staged and faked, just to increase tour ticket sales.

Mathew is claiming Solange never had any real beef with Jay-Z and her hitting him, going up side his head in the elevator was all for the camera.  I’m sure these superstars knew a camera was on that elevator, but was the brutal attack faked.  I dunno.

Even if Matthew is telling the truth it’s not public knowledge and he shouldn’t be the one spilling the beans.  That’s Beyonce’s and Solange’s father, he should know better, than to reveal family secrets.  That’s ultimate betrayal.  These fathers ain’t loyal!

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