Blue Collar Boys | Movie Trailer
Mark Nistico Urban Videos
November 26, 2011

The director Mark Nistico shared the official movie trailer for Blue Collar Boys with me.  Back in May I attended a screening for the film and its definitely a great movie.  On December 12th Blue Collar Boys will have another screening event at the New York New Filmmaker’s Film Festival which will take place at the Anthology Cinema on 32 2nd Ave at 2nd Street in downtown NYC.

It’s the story of a blue collar household trying to make ends meet as they are met with obstacles which forces the family to make tough decisions.  Staying above water isn’t always easy and when you’re drowning there’s not many options left at that point.

In Canada at the Toronto Film Festival the Blue Collar Boys movie won the Best Micro-Budget Feature Film award.  It’s always great to see someone reach success when there’s a personal connection with the project.  Congratulations to Mark and the cast/crew.  Wish you all the best!

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