Mandeecees Harris Acquitted From Child Molestation Charges
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February 8, 2013

Jurors Find Mandeecees Not Guilty

Mandeecees Harris of Love & Hip Hop NY has caught a victory in the case with his young accuser who claimed he sexually molested her when she was just 15 years old in his Lodi, NJ home.  The girl gave vivid accounts of what transpired between the two, but jurors ruled in Mandeecees favor.

He took the stand earlier this week and gave testimony that he never touched that girl.  He said,

“I never had a relationship with her, she never extended herself.  She didn’t play basketball, she didn’t play PlayStation, didn’t want to go to the movies. She always walked around the house like she had an attitude. “ reports that the jury returned their verdict a little after 4PM today.  This must be a great day for Harris and his family, including his girlfriend Yandy Smith and their newborn son.

The family of the accuser left the courtroom with disappointment.  The young accuser aunt and grandmother stormed out of the courtroom and vowed ‘the truth will come out’.

Although Mandeecees is a free man on sexual molestation he still must face charges of drug trafficking which police in Rochester, NY recently filed.  Hopefully, he will get acquitted in this case as well and he can move on with his life.  Congratulations on beating your trial!!!

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Love & Hip Hop Yandy Smith Fiancee Mandeecees Charged As Child Molester
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January 11, 2013

Mandeecees Charged Wih Lewd Sexual Acts On A Minor

Yandy Smith fiancee and baby father, Mandeecees Harris, is being charged with aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and child endangerment.  The charges are coming from another baby mother who’s claiming the Harlem native had sexual relations with her fifteen year old daughter.

Prosecutors are alleging the 34-year old studio owner received oral sex from a young girl, fondled her, and touched her inappropriately on numerous occasions two years ago at his home in Lodi, NJ.  Mandeecees is free without bail.  He faces twenty years behind bars.

He recently had a jury selection in Hackensack, New Jersey at Bergen County Superior Court, where he was a no show, but proceedings moved forward.  This is a serious case.  Prosecution is seeking to lock him up, it can be a bad season for Mandeecees.  They must feel like they have a strong case if they are going to trial.

Mandeecees was recently featured on Love & Hip Hop NYC as the long time love interest of Yandy Smith.  He owns Beat Factory in the Bronx, which is a music studio.  He also manage rappers in the New York City area.

I’m not sure what to believe, so I’ll stay quiet and just watch how it all plays out.  I hope the boi didn’t do it!!  Prayers go out to the little girl (who’s 17 now) and her family.  Hold ya’ head.  I wonder what Yandy is thinking.  More importantly, what are YOU thinking?  Leave your comments below.

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