Magic Johnson To Become Chairman Of Vibe Holdings
Magic Johnson Urban News
February 9, 2011


It’s being reported that Magic Johnson will take over as Chairman at Vibe Holdings.  Vibe owns Vibe magazine,, Uptown Magazine, and Soul Train TV shows and library. 


Magic Johnson (Magic Johnson Enterprises) and billionaire Ron Burke (Yucaipa Companies) have both strategically partnered to invest in Vibe Holdings LLC.  The pair has joined existing investors Intermedia Partners as owners of Vibe LLC.


Magic who has a long standing history as a successful entrepreneur, mainly due to the success of Magic Johnson Theaters will act as the operating Chairman at Vibe Holdings.  As Chairman he will use his expertise in strategically target urban markets and he will leverage his connections to build relationships with Vibe brands and advertisers.


Magic told, “The mission of Magic Johnson Enterprises is focused on building mutually beneficial relationships between corporations and the underserved urban market.”  


That’s what up Magic!!  Do ya’ thang!  Street Dose wishes you the best.


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