Rocye, Kesha, and Jennifer Gets Fired From Basketball Wives
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June 16, 2012

It’s rumored that Kesha, Jennifer, nor Royce will be returning to Basketball Wives season 5.  The problem the network has with Royce is the fact there is a gag order on her ex-basketball player, Dwight Howard.  Therefore Royce cannot speak or refer to him in any fashion.  Also, the rest of the cast members refuse to film with her, so it gives her very limited screen time.

It’s said the show believes Jennifer Williams is a liability since she is pursuing a lawsuit against Nia Crooks for slapping her in the face.  She may have just blackballed herself in the industry, but even though I wouldn’t have taken the route of getting the law involved on an ex-friend, I’m not mad at her — she’s doing what she think is right!  More power to her.  There’s consequences to every action, the severity of the consequence is subjective.

And Kesha Nichols the producers feel is just too boring for the show.  She doesn’t bring anything exciting, except being a target.  I think she’d rather just go back to her North Carolina ranch and hang out with her white side of the family.

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