Jovan Belcher Daughter, Zoey, May Receive $1.2 Million Dollars As Beneficiary
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December 6, 2012

Jovan Belcher likely beneficiary, his daughter Zoey, will possibly receive the beneficiary payout based on a collective bargaining agreement signed last year, August 2011.

The way the agreement is written the estate or the guardian responsible for Zoey will receive $108,000 annually over the next four years, $48,000 in the fifth year and then $52,000 each year until age 18. She’ll continue to receive that amount until age 23 if she attends college.  It comes out to more than $1.2M dollars collectively over the years.

Whomever decides to raise this orphaned child may hit the lottery, but I’m sure it will come at a cost, because it might be an uphill  battle to get the payout for this policy, as it involves a suicide which commonly voids the agreement.  Also, depending on the character of the guardian it may be possible that Zoey will be lucky to see one cent of the monies paid out over the years.

It’s a sad time and unfortunately money can bring out the vultures.  It could get messy, but let’s hope the right person is given guardianship over little three-month old Zoey.

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Kansas City Chiefs “Jovan Belcher” Kills Girlfriend Then Kills Himself
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December 1, 2012

Early this morning about 8am a 25-year old Kansas City Chiefs football player, Jovan Belcher, took his life after first killing his 22-year old girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins at their home.

Jovan’s mother and the couple’s three month old daughter were at the home at the time of the killing.  The mother called the police while Jovan fled the scene headed to his team’s practice facility, just a few miles away from Arrowhead Stadium.

Belcher arrived at the facility in a frantic state, which tipped off the security guards that there was a problem.  They immediately called the police.  Before pulling the trigger on himself Jovan spoke to the Chiefs coach, Romeo Crennel and team General Manager, Scott Pioli.  He thanked them both for everything they’ve done for him and his career.

The two men told police they never felt threatened or like they were in danger.  After about 4 or 5 minutes passed police arrived with Jovan holding a gun to his head.  He took about 30 paces walking away from the direction the cops were approaching then pulled the trigger.

Kasandra held on for her dear life, but was later pronounced dead at the hospital.  It’s a sad day!  I hope the very best for the couple’s now orphaned child.  Our prayers goes out to the families.

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