It’s True! Stevie J Is A Real Life Pimp & Joseline Is His Bottom Chick! Ask Kevin Hart?
Joseline Kevin Hart Stevie J Urban Photos
August 4, 2012

Joseline toots it up on Kevin Hart while Stevie J looks on.  It’s been rumored that Stevie J is a pimp with a discreet high profile service for celebrities, athletes, and superstars behind the scenes.  The kicker is that Joseline is rumored to have been his bottom chick (the main girl).

Well, this picture definitely makes that rumor more believable.  I know Stevie is a womanizer, but the way Joseline makes it seem on the show, I thought Stevie was her man.  I know my woman wouldn’t be grinding up on no other man, regardless if it’s jokingly or not.  Kevin seems to enjoy the tease, but also looks a bit uncomfortable with the situation (as if he’s not sure how far to take it.  LOL).

What do y’all think?  Do you think Stevie J could actually be a known pimp in the industry?  Is Joseline one of his hoes?

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