Erica Dixon From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Gets Into Fist Fight With A Man At The Club
Erica Dixon Urban Videos
October 19, 2014

Erica Dixon got into a fight at a VA Beach nightclub when a dude started throwing dollars at her and she rescinded.  When she picked the money up and threw it back at the guy, he got upset and his b*tch as tried to bust a move to disrespect her, but she trained to go, so she swung back and her girls got into the mix

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Lil Scrappy & Erica Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Hit The Cover Of Rolling Out Magazine
Erica Dixon Lil Scrappy Rap Photos
September 5, 2012

Rolling Out magazine puts the infamous Love & Hip Hop couple, Lil Scrappy & Erica on the front cover.  The two are engaged to be married and the proposal was publicly viewed on Monday’s night LHAA reunion show.  Scrappy stepped up to the plate and proposed to his longtime baby mama and girlfriend.  I wish the both of them nothing but greatness.

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Lil Scrappy “Love & Hip Hop” Paychecks Goes To Erica For Child Support
Erica Dixon Featured Lil Scrappy Rap News
July 19, 2012

There’s a rumor going around that a good portion of the money Lil Scrappy makes from the reality television show Love & Hip Hop is going directly to his baby mother, Erica, who also appears on the show.  They say Scrappy hasn’t paid child support in 5 years, but let me say — that doesn’t mean he’s a deadbeat dad!  I’ve never paid a dime in court ordered child support, but that’s because I’ve never been put on child support, because I take care of my kids every needs.

So just because he hasn’t paid child support for 5 years doesn’t mean he’s a deadbeat, because maybe they’ve made other arrangements.  Don’t judge until you know the whole story.  Although, I’ve never paid child support I have a distaste for the child support system.  I’m not against men (or women) paying for the care of their children, but I’m against the system that enforces payment.

They can do a much better job at retrieving funds, calculating child expenses, and helping families.  Going to prison for neglect to pay child support has never done any good for anyone involved, except the government.  Why don’t the child support agency work closely with local companies and services to help someone find employment?  What kind of crap is that?  Why send someone to jail or take away their livelihood (i.e. job required licenses) then expect monthly payments which is sometimes more than one’s common living expenses?

It should not be punishment to father a child, though I believe both parents involved should be financially responsible for their kids  However, if you elect to request child support then this should give the option for the other party to get full custody, therefore taking on the financial responsible, well being, and care of the child thus not giving a dime to the other parent. If the person decline to take full custody then a judge will order a fair judgment for the party without child to pay.  Unfortunately, the child support agency doesn’t make as much money if people just take care of their own without the agency involvement, so a system to relinquish full custody to the financially fit party wouldn’t work.

When both people laid down together they knew there was a chance of pregnancy and if she did become pregnant then they both have a responsibility to that child.  What’s wrong with a child being in the full care of their father if the mother is unable to financially care for the child?  If someone makes the conscious decision to file a claim for child support, then they should know that this could mean that the other parent can take custody as long as they do not need child support or government assistance.

If child support worked in this manner then there would be a lot less claims, because if you give men the option to take full care of their children instead of making child support payments, then many men would probably take their kids into their care.  I think it’d be surprising how many men and women grow up with a more solid-single-parent upbringing.

Birthing a child with someone should never be an open invitation to their wallet.  The system isn’t wrong, because we need child support agencies and enforcement, but the principles on which the system is based is wrong!  It needs to change and change for the better to help families instead of tearing families apart.

Anyway, I can go for days about the corrupt child support system, but back to Scrappy and Erica.  Let’s hope the homie is taking care of his kid and doing the right thing!  I hope he isn’t tripping over child support, just handle it like a G!  I know Erica is the only person on the show with a regular 9-5 job, so she obviously needs the extra money.

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