Talib Kweli “Gutter Rainbows” Listening Party At Snap Sports Bar In NYC
DJ Eque Rap Videos Talib Kweli
December 30, 2010


Talib Kweli and crew talks about “Gutter Rainbows” album at the listening party at Snap Sports Bar in NYCDru Ha also announces a new company, Duck Down Distribution (3D), which is a subdivision of Duck Down Records co-owned by Buckshot.  Gutter Rainbows is being distributed by 3D.  It will be digitally released January 25, 2011.

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Talib Kweli and Wife DJ Eque Address The Club Fight Rumor
DJ Eque Talib Kweli
December 29, 2010


Last week a rumor surfaced about Talib Kweli and his wife DJ Eque having a physical altercation at Talib’s album listening party in NYC.  The encounter lead to the couple being kicked out of his own party.  Well now Talib and DJ Eque has come forward to say that it was a fabricated story.  They admit to having an argument, but it never escalated and nothing else in the story is true.


Here’s what Talib told Miss Dimplez,

“Although we argued none of the rest of it is true. I definitely did not did not say I would not have gotten married if it wasn’t for Hennessy. I wasn’t kicked out, the party had been over and the footage of what I actually said is on youtube….”


And here is what DJ Eque had to say via Twitter,

“Who is making up all these crazy ass rumors? My husband did not hit me & I didn’t go into rage and attack him over flirting?? That’s crazy, Ppl need to check there facts before they start reblogging stuff!! Its time for joy and blessing, just stop with all the negative talk and energy….we all need to be more thankful”


It’s good to know it wasn’t the story that was out there!  That was some ghetto ~ish.  But, everyone is entitled to a good argument, at least it didn’t go to blows as the story was being told! 


What do you think?  Do you believe their story or do you believe they really had a physical fight?  Or do you even care?  Let us hear it!  Leave your comment below!

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Talib Kweli And Newlywed Wife DJ Eque Kicked Out Of Talib’s Album Listening Party
DJ Eque Rap News Talib Kweli
December 27, 2010


The couple was asked to leave his own record listening party.  It had to be an embarrassing night for Talib Kweli Greene and his wife Cynthia “DJ Eque” Bonier.  An inside source says, “Kweli made a joke thanking the sponsor, Hennessy, for paying for his wedding in 2009, saying otherwise he wouldn’t have got married.”


The tasteless joke probably put his wife, DJ Eque, on the defense. As the source reveals, “The party later carried on in a private room. When his wife saw him chatting and being friendly with other women, she flew off the handle. She went at him and they were almost wrestling before they fell back on a table, smashing some glasses. Security then asked them to leave, and they carried on the argument outside as they got into their car.”


The pair has been married since May 2009 and they exchanged vows at a private residence in Beverly Hills, CA.  In attendance of their wedding were big names such as Queen Latifah, ?uestLove, D. Woods, and Adam Rodriquez.  They have dated since 2007 and no kids together yet.


The godbody, Kweli, needs to do a better job at making sure his wisdom feels secure.  She needs to learn how to control her emotions and not allow it to get so ugly.  Although, he’s at his own party, he is working.  Y’all fought on his job!  Not cool.  A hot ghetto mess, anyway you spin it!


On another note, Talib Kweli, newest album “Gutter Rainbows” is scheduled to drop, January 25, 2011.  He recently shared his album cover artwork with us,



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