Deion Sanders Mistress Aleea Stanton Tells Her Side Of The Story
Deion Sanders Featured Urban News
October 22, 2012

Bossip got the scoop on Deion Sanders love interest, 18-year old Aleea Stanton.  They sat down with the so-called “homewrecker” to get her side of the story and talk about her history with the ex NFL player.  She first starts her story by telling how she met Deion through,

“I got a DM on Twitter from a guy saying, ‘Hey I’ve got a friend that wants to meet you.’ I said, ‘Ok, cool who is it? He says ‘Deion Sanders,’ and I said ‘Who???’”

She claims she never heard of the former Dallas Cowboys superstar, so she had to Google him to find out who he was.  She goes on to say,

“He told me that he could put me in meetings, and have me in the room with people that make things happen. For the record, me and him never did anything. The most I ever did with that man is hug.  I never knew he was married, and he definitely never mentioned anything about a wife or a family.

He asked me to send him some pictures. He said “If people are going to do any business with you then they are going to want to see that you are presentable etc.”. So I sent him a few regular pics, and after he saw them he asked for some that were a little bit sexier.  I never sent him any naked pics, but a variety of pics that showed all my sides.

He flew me out to meet him a couple times, but we always had separate rooms, but it felt like he had done this before. Like he and his assistant had a system… For how they approach girls. I guess maybe he wanted to ease me in, but it just felt like that . Deion is a very smary, very nice guy, I just think when a marriage isn’t going right a man is going to look for something outside. But for the record, I don’t consider myself a homewrecker, again, we never had sex or any of that. Whatever problems him and Pilar were having was going on WAY before I met him.”

Aleea is the daughter of Angela Stanton the woman who made wild accusations about Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Phaeedra Parks.  Aleea says her and her mother currently do not communicate and she is in school pursuing a law degree.

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Deion Sanders Speak About His Divorce To Pilar
Deion Sanders Pilar Sanders Urban Videos
October 16, 2012

Deion Sanders sat down with Wall Street Journal Business of Celebrity” host Lee Hawkins to talk about successfully managing his career, coaching high school team, money management, and his divorce to ex-wife Pilar.

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Wife Pilar Arrested For Beating Up Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders Featured Pilar Sanders Urban News
April 24, 2012

Deion and his wife Pilar Sanders are in the midst of a BITTER divorce, however the two are still living together in their Dallas, TX suburbia home.

It’s revealed that on Monday Pilar was arrested in Collin County on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence.  According to Deion, Pilar and one of her friends jumped Deion  in his bedroom.  He stated his kids witnessed the whole thing and all he did was put his hands up to defend himself.

The Sheriff Department is being hush about the case and did not say if any other arrest were made.  Deion claims he will be pressing charges.  Evidently, his other kids outside the marriage got wind of the assault and had a few choice words for their stepmother.


Deion Sanders talks Pilar fight via Twitter


Deion Sanders daughter “Deiondra” chimes in via Twitter


Deion Sanders son “Deion Sanders Jr.” chimes in via Twitter

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