Did Daniel Gibson Cheat On Keyshia Cole?
Daniel Gibson Keyshia Cole Rap News
February 13, 2013

Keyshia Cole's hubby Daniel Cheated on Her

Keyshia Cole-Gibson took to her Twitter the other night and let off a round of subliminal tweets.  It’s seems pretty obvious that the tweets were meant for her husband, Daniel Gibson.  Every marriage has their issues, but does her tweets elude to him being unfaithful?  Let’s hope they work it out.

Keish talks slick on Instagram and puts up this text image,

Show A GIRL You Don’t Care And She’ll Chase You ; Show A WOMAN You Don’t Care And She’ll Replace You


Keisha Cole Upset With Hubby Daneil Gibbson


Keyshia Mad With Booby Keisha Cold Tired of Her Husband Danny Gibson

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Keysha Cole And Daniel Gibson Cover Urban Ink
Daniel Gibson Keyshia Cole Rap Photos
February 24, 2011


Keysha Cole and her fiancee, Cleveland Cavilers point guard Daniel BoobieGibson gets the cover of Urban Ink, a magazine dedicated to tattoos and body art in the urban community.  I think it’s a dope cover shot!!  What do you think?  Is the cover DOPE or NOPE?

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