This Is Why I Don’t Attend Church
Creflo Dolloar Urban Videos
September 6, 2011

Dr. Creflo Dollar says he wants to shoot people with an UZI who don’t pay tithes and bury them behind the church. What kind of sense does that make? How can a man of the cloth talk so vile?

Making people feel like they’ll go to hell if they don’t pay tithes is ludicrous. This entire church buffoonery is getting tired. I believe in God and I pray, but I have my own personal relationship with God and don’t see a need to go to church to seek peace within myself. I know I have a good heart and God sees my true intent in the world.

I’ll never believe the words that come out of man mouth or written by man, because 9 times out of 10 it has more to do with greed or fulfilling their secret agenda. Creflo Dollar proves that, regardless in whatever context he used the analogy, he should never talk about shooting anyone down in a violent way while claiming to be a man of God. Sickening!

He’s rich and flying high while most of his congregation is struggling and just making ends meet. Shameful!

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