PR/Marketing Guru Confirms AP.9 And Coco Nude Pics Really Does Exist
AP.9 Coco Featured Ice-T Rap Videos
February 27, 2013

PR/Marketing Guru, Pam Nikki Baker has confirmed that the pictures of rapper AP.9 and Ice-T‘s wife Coco getting it in are real.  She has seen the naked photos with her own eyes.

Pam also make some other shocking revelations about AP.9’s adulterous lifestyle.  She says he received a luxury car as a gift from Coco and hint that he may have slept with Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa.

Ice-T is checking out and I think he’s about ready to call it quits with his longtime “hoe” turned “hoewife”.  I hate to see a marriage end, so I hope they can work things out and get back to loving one another again.  Only time will tell.

Coco and AP9 Steamy Escapades



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Ice-T Wife CoCo Being Groped Again By AP.9 (He Grabs Her Butt!)
AP.9 Coco Featured Urban Photos
January 14, 2013

AP9 Hands On CoCo Butt Wife Of Ice T

HSK is reporting that rapper AP.9 has leaked more revealing photos of his steamy night with Ice-T wife, CoCo.  The two partied the night away in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and things got heated, as pictures surfaced on the web with them being too close for comfort.

Now a more telling photo hits the web shedding more light on the situation.  AP.9 story is looking more believable every minute.  He says the two had a one night stand.  Here’s what he had to say,

“I took Coco out on a date to Haze nightclub. She brought some friends…some of the crew from Ice Loves Coco even showed up too!

We had a steamy one night stand. I hate being called a liar…cuz I’m not.”

Another guy, Mustufa Abdi, has also posted pics with his hands on CoCo’s ass.  She asked him to take the pics down after he posted them to his Twitter.  He refused to do any such thing.

Mustafah Adbi Groping CoCo Rear

I can only think this is a publicity stunt for promotion of Ice’s and CoCo’s reality television show, Ice Loves CoCo.  I don’t know if I believe CoCo is sexing these men, even though she’s taking seductive photos which happens to leak over a period of time.

Why wasn’t these pics leaked the same day as the rest?  It’s more like a marketing campaign than random leaks.  With that said, I don’t put anything pass CoCo.

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Photos Surface Of CoCo Cheating On Ice T
Coco Ice-T Rap Photos
December 8, 2012

Photos surfaced of CoCo in Las Vegas seemingly being too flirtatious with rapper AP.9 of Mob Figgaz.  The too close for comfort pics were posted to CoCo’s Twitter account.  ObviouslyIce Twas upset by the pictures and he left his comments on Twitter for the whole world to see.

It could just be a promotional stunt for the Ice Loves CoCo reality series or CoCo might just be a little out there!!!  Who knows???  What do you think about the pics?  Do you believe she’s cheated on Ice?

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CoCo Gives A Live Report Of Hurricane Sandy
Coco Urban Videos
October 30, 2012

An hour before Hurricane Sandy hit land in New Jersey, CoCo recorded the effects of the approaching storm.  She gave us a live preview of the hurricane.

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Ice T Talks About Reality TV And How He Deals With Coco Male Fans
Coco Ice-T Rap Videos
April 25, 2012

Ice T chats about his reality television series Ice Loves Coco.  He also speaks about his wife Coco male fans and how he deals with them.  He reveals surprisingly that most of Coco fans are female.

Ice also says the street hood dudes don’t give him much problems when it comes to gawking or getting out of pocket about Coco.  He says it’s usually all love and respect, but he has the most problems with white college kids.

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