Charlamagne Tha God Gives Props To Jay-Z And Says He’s His Favorite Hip Hop Mogul
Charlamagne Tha god Urban Videos
June 28, 2016

Charlamagne Tha God gives us his thoughts and insight on Jay-Z.  He talks about Jay as a business man and discusses his RocNation empire.  He says Jigga is his favorite hip hop mogul.  He explains why he feels like this and says,

“He’s The One Guy Who Seems Like He Hasn’t Sold His Soul”

Charlamagne continues to discuss how Hov employs his own family and friends.  Jigga’s sister, nephew and bunch of guys he grew up with, all work at RocNation.  He really puts on for his city.  Charlamagne thinks highly of Jay-Z and shows his appreciation for his dedication and hard work throughout the years.

I’d have to agree with Charlamagne, because Jay is one of the few who doesn’t has to result to crazy antics or stunts to stay relevant or active.  He’s done an exceptional job with his career that should be recognized as the Blueprint for aspiring rap artist.

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Floyd Mayweather Responds To 50 Cent About His Reading Struggles
50 Cent Charlamagne Tha god Featured Floyd Mayweather Jr. Urban Photos
August 23, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Responds With Million Dollar Checks to His Reading Problems

Floyd Mayweather didn’t actually say a word, but he posted the image below (click to enlarge).  It’s an image of two checks topping over $30 million dollars each.  The tagline says,

“Read this $72,276,000.  God bless.”

With this tidbit, I’m guessing Floyd is making the statement — if you have money in the bank and worth lots of dollars, then you don’t need to know how to read.  As long as you can count, that’s all that matters.  It can’t be denied, Floyd gets that money.  He may need some reading lessons, but at least he can read well enough to comprehend.

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Floyd Mayweather Shows Off Two Mayweather Promotions Checks on Bad Medina Account Page

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Charlamagne Clowns Floyd Mayweather Because He Struggles To Read A Radio Drop
Charlamagne Tha god Floyd Mayweather Jr. Urban Audio
August 22, 2014

If Floyd Mayweather can’t read or struggles with reading, then he should just admit to it and this story would go away.  Charlamagne along with his cohorts, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, took some time to clown Floyd, because of his inability to easily read a 10 second drop.

After 50 Cent made fun of Mayweather not knowing how to read, Charlamagne had a Power 105.1 studio engineer dig up audio of Floyd Mayweather reading an advertorial radio drop.  First, Charlamagne read the same drop, himself, and runs through it, like an on-air personality should, within 10-12 seconds, he was done.

Next, they play Floyd’s audio of him reading the drop for almost a minute and a half.  He struggled the entire time, before Yee threw the towel in and stopped the tape.  It’s funny and sad at the same time.

Unfortunately, Floyd’s reading ability is more advanced than many in his same profession.  Boxing is a physical sport which results in being hit in the head multiple times throughout your career.  This can cause brain damage, thus processing information at a slower rate.

Floyd should just laugh off the jokes and let it go.  It’s a little embarrassing, but not that serious.

Go and get some reading lessons himself, and Floyd could be the poster boy for the reading impaired.

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Charlamagne Tha God Gives Rob Kardashian “Donkey Of The Day”
Charlamagne Tha god Rob Kardashian Urban Audio
December 4, 2012

Power 105.1 crack jokes on Rob Kardashian for being a simp after Rita Ora broke his heart.  Instead of handling it like a “G” and moving on, Rob wears his emotions on his sleeve and aired out his feelings for the whole world.

Rob recently tweeted that Rita slept with over 20 men while they dated.  He even went as far to say she was pregnant with his child when she cheated.  These rants got him in the Donkey of the Day box.  Charlamagne Tha God went in on Rob and tells him to pull his skirt up!

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Jack Thriller Interviews Charlamagne Tha God On ThisIs50
Charlamagne Tha god Jack Thriller Rap Videos
July 30, 2012

Jack Thriller sits down and interviews Charlamagne Tha God.  He talks about all his recent beefs including beef with Diddy, Busta Rhymes, and Flex.  Charlamagne also chats about almost getting jumped by some street goons.  He speaks about wanting to sleep with Teairra Marie and making Lil Mama cry.

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