Bu Thiam Mean Mugging Chris Brown & Rihanna At 2013 Grammys
Bu Thiam Chris Brown Featured Rap Videos Rihanna
February 11, 2013

Chris Brown and Rihanna gets mean mugged by Bu Thiam

The Internets are sounding off and making speculations from the pic above that Bu Thiam, who is also Akon‘s brother and a friend to Jay-Z, is mean mugging Chris Brown and Rihanna, because he disapproves of their relationship and acting as a goon for Jigga — willing to do anything to protect RiRi.

Well, I think the picture was snapped and it only looks like Bu Thiam wants to put hands on Chris, but in all honesty he was just watching the couple as an onlooker without any ill intent.  Most people probably don’t know or remember, but last year Chris actually added Thiam to his management team, so the two have a business relationship and I’d doubt Bu is willing to mess that up by coming in between the young couple’s affairs.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this thug-looking nicca pushing C Breezy’s wig back.  They have a business relationship and both are professionals in the industry.

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