Azie Faison Throw Shots At Jay-Z Says Jigga Took His Trueprint To Create His Blueprint
Azie Faison Urban Videos
June 29, 2016

Azie Faison sat down with vLadTV to interview.  He talked about his 90’s rap group, Mobstyle, which is self-proclaimed the pioneer of gangster rap in the east coast.  During the conversation he discussed how rappers talked about the life they [Mobstyle] lived.  He went on to say,

“Even your best rappers out there today, took our trueprints to create their blueprints”

He may not have directly said Jay-Z name, but who else has multiple Blueprint albums, who’s rapping about a drug dealer type lifestyle.  It’s a clear shot in my eyes, but respectfully so.  Azie lived a life that has been documented in the movie, Paid In Full.  He’s the epitome of the baller lifestyle, so respect due.

Azie also talked about suing the rapper, AZ and how he was just following his lawyers directions.  He talks about receiving only 2/3 of $50,000, but later finding out the total settlement was $450,000.  His lawyer supposedly played him.

e the drug game and how it’s been over since 1990, when the government no longer allowed it.  He says, kids today don’t need the drug game, because there are so many other ways to make money nowadays.  If there was one thing he wished he could change he said it would be “never left the cleaners”.  He regrets leaving the cleaners, because he believes it was his downfall and would’ve prevented many terrible events in his life.

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