Angela Simmons & Romeo Miller Spotted Coupled Up
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May 31, 2012

For the last few days Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller have been seen holding hands and boo’ed up!  It seems they are a happy new couple.  It’s rumored that Angela dumped her boyfriend, Bow Wow, for the likes of Master P son, Romeo. 




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Angela Simmons Working Out To Beyonce’s “Start Over”
Angela Simmons Urban Videos
May 3, 2012

Angela Simmons gives us a taste of her workout plan and how she keeps that body in shape.  She workouts to Beyonce track Start Over.  It’s not how many you can do, but instead it’s  how many you do right!!

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Angela Simmons Gets Naked In Front Of The Cameras
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September 27, 2011

Rev Run must be having a fit right now after seeing his daughter bare it all for the entire world to see. Although, its for a good cause it’s probably the last thing you’d expect a preacher’s daughter to involve herself in. Angela Simmons takes off her clothes for a PETA campaign, promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Angela is the latest celebrity supporting PETA efforts of advocating a vegan diet and ethical treatment of animals. I’ve never understood what getting naked had to do with eating meat, nor do I understand why people take the stance that vegetarian is better than eating meat, because they aren’t killing any animal. Aren’t plants living organisms and therefore you are killing. Anyway to each is own.

Here’s what Angela had to say about her photo op:

“As a devout Christian, I feel it’s very important to show compassion for all of God’s creation—and adopting a vegetarian diet is the best way to keep innocent animals from suffering.”

Angela was inspired by her uncle Russell Simmons to change to a vegetarian lifestyle. She explains what prompted her decision to go full throttle with he veggie eating habits.

I eat pretty well, I’m a vegetarian. Hopefully I’ll be a vegan in a couple of years, but I’m taking it one step at a time. My uncle inspired me to become a vegetarian, a vegan, when I was young. He had me watch this video, I can’t remember the name of it, but I was only about 12 or 13 and he gave it to our family. No one else watched it except me. At that age, I tried to be a vegetarian and I couldn’t do it because I was in a family that ate so much meat. But I finally made the change and it’s been like a year and a half now and I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m feeling good and I do work out a lot.

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