The Alpo Story “Documentary About A Harlem Drug Dealer” [Full Length]
December 30, 2012

You may or may not of heard about the AlbertoAlpo Martinez story.  It’s about a young hustler coming up and becoming one of the biggest names in the 80’s New York drug trade.

Alpo eventually moved from Harlem to Washington, DC and conducted business in both cities.  The move ultimately lead to him being put behind bars for the rest of his life, but not before being shot and almost killed in the streets.

Alpo was a street wise business man with what some would say, questionable ways.  He lived by his own code — definitely for self.  Although, the self attitude, that paranoia and wariness, is probably what saved him and why he’s still alive till this day.  The life he lived only had but so many endings.

If you enjoy documentaries about gangsters and drug dealers then add this one to your collection, because it tells a good story.  This is the full documentary.  Press play to check out the hour long special, then leave your review below!!

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