Shyheim The Rugged Child Updates Us From Prison
Rap Audio Shyheim
September 5, 2014

Wu-Tang affiliate, Shyheim, got up with Doggie Diamonds to interview and discuss his life while doing his 14-year bid for drug and weapons possession.  He tells us about jail life and tries to steer the youth away from making similar mistakes.

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Shyheim Talks About His Prison Bid, Big Daddy Kane, Biggie, Pac, And Kicks A Freestyle
Rap Videos Shyheim
June 4, 2011


Remember the Wu-Tang Clan youngest member Shyheim.  He speaks about doing jail time for a gun possession in early 2000.  He also talks about sharing the stage with Big Daddy Kane, Scoop Lover, Biggie, and Tupac at Madison Square Garden back in 1994.  He then kicks a freestyle to let us know he still got it!!

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