Remy Ma First TV Appearance Since Being Released From Jail With BET 106TH & Park
Rap Videos Remy Ma
August 13, 2014

Just fresh out of jail and Remy Ma is back on her grizzy.  She sits down with BET 106th & Park for her first television appearance since being released.  She talks about what she has learned from her six and a half stint, wanting to do music with Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, learning about social media, new music and more.

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Remy Ma Expected Back On The Streets From Jail In July
Rap Photos Remy Ma
June 11, 2014

Remy Ma Headed Home From Jail

A photo has surfaced that reveals female rapper, Remy Ma, is on her way home after 6 years in prison.  The picture shows a silhouette of a woman with her back turned, which resembles Remy Ma.  She’s wearing a crown and the caption reads “The Ruler’s Back”.

In 2008 Remy caught an assault charge when she shot her ex-friend, because she suspected she stole money from her, but after the shooting Remy rifled through her ex-friend’s bag and realized she didn’t steal her money.

Of course, it was too late and Remy was charged with a crime.  She received an eight year sentence.  After being locked up for over six years, it seems she will finally get out and they are prepping the world for her release.

Remy’s husband, Papoose, has been holding it down and riding for her since her incarceration.  I’m sure she’s hitting the studio when she returns.  These rappers better beware, she’s coming for her crown!  We’ll be looking for you Remy come July 31st.

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Remy Ma Clears Up Death Rumors, Talks Nicki Minaj, And Coming Home
Rap Audio Remy Ma
July 23, 2012

Remy Ma calls into Hot 97 and talks with Rosenberg, Cipha, and K Foxx.  She clears up the rumors of her dying then talks about her relationship with Nicki Minaj.  She also says 50 Cent and Keyshia Cole were among some of the people who wrote her since being incarcerated.

Remy also tells the entire story of how she found herself behind bars.  She talks about her current relationship with Fat Joe.  In addition, Remy says she maxes out in January 2016, but may be home as early as 22 months.  Let’s pray she comes home sooner than later!  #FreeRemy

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Remy Ma Will Remain In Prison. Appeal Denied
Rap News Remy Ma
February 25, 2011


Female emcee, Reminisce Remy MaSmith, got some bad news yesterday.  The New York State Court of Appeals upheld Remy’s conviction, therefore she’ll remain in prison as scheduled.  Her defense team originally appealed the court’s conviction because the judge did not properly inform the jurors before they entered their guilty verdicts.


Remy was involved in a 2007 Manhattan shooting.  She got into an argument with an (ex)friend, Makeda Barnes Joseph, a gun was pulled out and the two women tussled for the gun.  During the struggle the gun “accidentally” let off two shots which struck the victim, Joseph.  This shooting lead to an eight year prison bid for Remy.  In 2008 while in prison, longtime boyfriend and known rapper Papoose married Remy in a courtroom on her sentencing day.


In 2009 Remy’s attorney, Ivan Fisher, filed for an appeal claiming the trial judge should have allowed her defense to argue during summation that the victim, Makeda Joseph, could have been shot as both women struggled over the gun, which would reveal it was accidental.  However, it was disallowed, which Remy’s attorneys said violated her constitutional right to mount a defense, leaving the jury with a question of only whether she shot Joseph intentionally or accidentally.


Remy Ma has been considered one of the illest female rappers in the game.  If she was home then likely she would be a problem for the current top contender in female hip hop, Nicki Minaj.  Let’s hope she comes home focused and on top of her game, ready to reclaim her spot!  Or possibly too much time has passed and her relevancy has long faded away!  Whatever the case I wish her the very best upon her release.


Who knows the game plan Remy has now.  Likely she will appeal again and go to an higher court on the federal level, because this appeal was sent up to the highest NY court.  For now Remy and her family will have to expect her sentence to carry out to the fullest, which means Remy will not be home until 2016.  Let’s keep Remy in our prayers!


Free Remy!

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