JoJo Simmons x Murdah Baby Freestyle With Block City
Murdah Baby Young Simmons
July 24, 2011

Russel Simmons son or Diggy Simmons brother, whichever helps you remember who JoJo Simmons is. Him and Murdah Baby kick a freestyle for Block City TV over Drake’s track Dreams Money Can Buy. I honestly have to say I was impressed with the freestyle.


Seems like JoJo has gotten a taste of street life, it looks like he might be out in the Bricks getting it in! I hope he isn’t gangbangin’ out there in these streets! That’s definitely not the life he needs to lead coming from his upbringing!


His family got money no need to portray the street life. Not to say he can’t have swag or be gangsta, but he doesn’t need to play the streets or gangbang! The stain his pops have and money he come from should put him at instant boss status, no need to live a rough struggling lifestyle! One day he’ll get it, that street ~ish is not what’s up, you only live that life if you gotta — not because you tryna be down. Be a lawyer, be a doctor, but most of all be safe homie!!

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