MC Breed Wife Suing Jon Connor For Copyright Infringement
Featured Jon Conor MC Breed Rap Videos
July 30, 2011

Why would Jon Connor think its okay to steal the late MC Breed music regardless they reppin’ the same hood! Natasha Breed the widow of MC Breed isn’t having it and has moved forward with a lawsuit against Jon Connor citing he stole the music, style, title, and image of her late husband in the song titled, Ain’t No Future.


Check the videos below for side by side comparisons. It’s completely non-debatable where Jon got his material, but the question is did he do so legally or not. It’s definitely a case for the courts to sort out, because who knows if MC Breed held the rights to his publishing or music. Jon possibly could have received clearing from someone else who has the proper authority. There’s no real way to know until the courts determine the authorship.


I think Jon’s remake of Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’ is a tribute to MC Breed and I like the remade version, but I do think the honorable thing to do is to break Natasha and her family off with some of that bread, since its on the album and being sold on iTunes and other music outlets, obviously Jon is making (or at least trying to make) a profit from the track! It’s only right the originator or the benefactors of the originator gets a piece of the pie when its all said and done!





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