French Montana’s Nine Year Old Prodigy Lil Poopy Being Investigated By Child Services
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February 28, 2013

The child welfare and protection agency in the state of Massachusetts is investigating the parents of 9 year old rap artist Lil Poopy who is also associated with French Montana label Coke Boys (but not signed to the label).  Lil Poopy has been living a ratchet lifestyle played out on video for the public.  He’s seen smacking booties, rapping about drugs, hanging out with video vixens and just doing things too grown for a nine year old kid.

His father says, “he’s not doing anything wrong.”

I’m actually with pops on this one.  I don’t think the government should get involved, because its not up to them how you raise your kids.  It may be bad parenting, but he’s not endangering his child.  The kid isn’t doing drugs, having sex, harming anyone or being abused — he’s just having discretional fun.

I don’t blame the state of Massachusetts for investigating, because they doing the right thing . .. . that’s their job, but I doubt the investigation will actually go anywhere or they’ll take the child from his father unless more is found out.

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