Nas Is Half-Man Half-Amazing And Now Half-Stressed As Judge Reduces His Child & Spousal Support Cost By Half
Kelis Nas Rap News
January 7, 2011

Last year Nasir NasJones was ordered by a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge to pay $50K per month to his ex-wife Kelis.  $10K for child support and $40K for spousal support. 


This week Nas caught a break as a judge agreed to reduce the support cost and sliced the payments in half.  Now Nas is being ordered to pay $25K per month.  $5K for child support and $20K for spousal support.


This has got to be great news for the veteran rapper and I’m sure he’s ecstatic that he will be $25K richer each month now.  Kelis and Nas ended their four year marriage in May of 2010 while Kelis was seven months pregnant with their only child, Knight Jones.


Damn homie! That’s a lot of money!  But, you’ve been paying it so you must be winning!! 

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