Roc Nation Artist K. Koke Arrested In London For Attempted Murder
General K. Koke Rap News
April 8, 2011


U.K. rapper and Roc Nation signed artist Kevin K. KokeGeorgiou was arrested last week on the suspicion of attempted murder in early March at North West London Harlesdan train station


Twenty-five year old, Koke is currently being held on charges of attempted murder after appearing before the City of Westminster Magistrates Court last Sunday (April 2). He is scheduled back in court on June 15 to face the charges.


There are four others who are also being charged for the same crime. The victim is in stable condition and the injuries are not considered life-threatening. If convicted then this would have a hindrance on Koke’s career and establishing himself as a successful artist.


In January, Georgiou was flying high with the signing to Roc Nation. The entire Europe was watching as he became an overnight celebrity by signing to Roc Nation. Now K. Koke has 99 problems, but a trick ain’t one. He gotta get this off his back before fulfilling his contractual obligations or becoming the next best thing out of London.


Let’s hope that K. Koke wasn’t involved in the shooting and this is just a big misunderstanding. My prayers goes out to the victim and his family. Hopefully, K. Koke can get this behind him and press forward wit’ puttin’ the U.K. hip hop scene on the map!!


Jay-Z nor Roc Nation has commented yet on this topic!!

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