Jerrell “J-Kwon” Jones When It Comes To 7 Year Old “Baby J-Kwon” —- You Are Not The Father!
J-Kwon Rap Audio
February 11, 2011



Do you remember J-Kwon?  He’s a rapper from St.  Louis who had a one-hit wonder back in 2004 titled, “Tipsy“.  J-Kwon just found out that a child he’s been caring for over 7 years and paying $2500 in child support isn’t his kid.  He was duped by the female!


J-Kwon says he wants to start a foundation that helps victims of paternity fraud.  I think that’s a cool idea, because truth be told it’d probably be a profitable foundation, because studies have shown that nearly 4 percent of fathers in the United States are unwittingly caring for a child (18 yrs and younger) that is not theirs!  Just so you know that’s over one million fathers!


I once (@ 20 yrs old) was a victim of paternity fraud so this story hits home for me.  It took me two years to find out I was being duped, but when I did I immediately got my child support terminated and terminated my relationship with the female and child. 


The sad thing about these stories is that they commonly don’t end happily.  The worst part is the kid suffers when a parent is stripped from their life.  The hardest part for me was letting go of the child, even though I did it seemingly overnight, it was a decision that weighed on me heavy.  The child was two years old and I figured it would be best to cease everything immediately than to prolong the inevitable and risk me or the child getting more attached.  In the end it was best because I didn’t have to live the rest of my life with lies and deceit nor did I have to enter into any new relationship with baggage that I couldn’t even claim!


I’ve heard stories where other guys weren’t so lucky.  Even when I filed for termination of child support and stood before the judge, the judge was actually upset with me for wanting to terminate child support as if I was doing something wrong.  The judge also told me that I was lucky because if I had waited and the child was 4+ then I would had been the “assumed father” and therefore would continue paying child support until the child reaches 18, regardless of paternity test results.


The judge also told me that if I wanted to get any money back it wouldn’t come from the state.  I would have to sue the woman for my money.  I didn’t even bother suing anyone, I just terminated child support and cut all ties.  The courts didn’t take any action against the woman for defrauding me.


Before being a victim of paternity fraud myself I always wondered how guys got caught out there like that and usually would fault the man as being weak or a sucker.  I never thought it could happen to me, but the sad reality is paternity fraud is way more common than you think.  The only true way to know for sure is to get a paternity test.


I cold-heartedly would support J-Kwon’s foundation if he ever seen it to fruition.  I wish dude the best of luck!  And hope he finds peace and happiness after this ordeal.  Most importantly I hope the child will be okay, because at seven years old the child is fully aware of what’s happening!  God bless the child!





I haven’t heard from J-Kwon in years, what a way to get back in the public’s eye!

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