Fredro Starr Kick 16 Bars Acapella & Disses DMX
DMX Featured Fredro Starr Rap Videos
September 20, 2012

Fredro Starr obviously feel some type of way with DMX, because X put Starr on blast when he appeared on Power 105 The Breakfast Club last week.  X claims Fredro acted like a b*tch n*gga after Fredro hooked him up one night with a female to smash (which he did) after the club.

DMX says he went home with the woman and put that work in.  He says Fredro called him hours later asking if he “hit” and when he tells him he “hit it” that n*gga started getting emotional, like “how can she do that to him” type ~ish.

This is Fredro response to that bafoonery.  He goes in with no beat or anything.  He doesn’t sugarcoat or throw subliminals, he straight say a n*gga name so it’s no questions of who he’s talkin’ to.

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